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Travel is conducive to gaining perspective! I’ve traveled extensively since my late teens and have always found it’s great to return home and back to the US and now, yes, work- since I enjoy helping people improve their lives, be happier and more successful…and am good at it!  http://www.balanceandpower.com/testimonials.php 

Costa Rica 2009 024P1010409

While traveling sometimes the grass seems greener…yet as Americans most of us  have a lot to be thankful for! Sometimes it’s simply a good mattress and comfortable pillow.

great segue for Thanksgiving :)-


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I recently was on a Sicilian holiday with my husband  between family visiting in London and Amsterdam. Everything was well planned and going wonderfully – we visited the beautiful coastal resort Taormina, Palermo and then ancient Greek ruins in Agrigento. The rental car was fine and our European GPS working well until…

We couldn’t find our hotel and got a “no matches” message when I called – I had purchased an international phone card in the UK. We decided to travel back to the airport that eve instead of very early morning and booked a nice hotel near the airport. starting out refreshed after a light supper. Soon it was torrentially raining and dark while driving on mountain roads.. A few hours into this nightmare and many wrong exits of traffic circles or gps mistakes, we found ourselves in a very small town. I actually was ready to spend the night in the car or a bed and breakfast if it existed: I had given up, unusual for me. And, I was getting sick…caught an upper respiratory virus from the London crew. So we stopped at a bar with a petrol station and I asked the drinking gentlemen if anyone was English speaking?  Turned out one whipped out his iPhone to maps and as we spoke into it translation appeared for directions.  Recent experience with the dark rainy mountain roads did not leave us hopeful, so another fine fellow said we could follow him to a rest stop near the auto route entrance. Whew! Thirty minutes later, voila! On the road to the airport hotel.

Lesson learned: confirm hotel reservation! !sicily angels sicily harbor sicily ruins sicily Eileen stretch sicily (2)
Resolved: no night – rain – mountain driving! even if I’m the passenger.

Continue to travel with international phone cards.

Grateful: We got there safe ‘n’ sound, treacherous u turns and all.

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Balance & Power Newsletter   


 Hi Everyone! I’m back from a wonderful vacation-trip to London and visit with (first) baby grandson! and family and to Loire, France for castles and sunflowers!  (scroll down for 10 tips:))

10 Tips for Smooth Travel Vacations and Fun:

  • Anticipate having a wonderful time
  • If something goes wrong  or not according to plan, try to see the humor in it and move on.
  • Once you’re settled in and go exploring, allow yourself to “get lost”.  ie: don’t have your nose glued to a map.
  • Know key phrases in the language.
  • Take some  downtime everyday or a siesta to relax and recharge.
  • Take extra time for family when you’re visiting…
  • Stay unconnected to the internet, phone, TV, newspaper for as much and as long as possible.  
  • Bring home meaningful mementos-souvenirs-photos.
  • Compromise as much as possible with your travel mate(s) – After all,
  • you came to have a good time and probably have tickets home together…
  • Enjoy!!!

***July 14, 2013 Eileen Lichtenstein in Newsday by Jamie Herzlich:

Small Business: Recharging by Unplugging






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Just back- 

I love, love Israel! We enjoyed the sights, history, people, food…
Petra is amazing absolutely for a 7 wonder category!  The photos will be set up soon on FB.
London with my family- it didnt matter that it rained every day :)-  So I’m back in the groove – even took a Zumba class this AM – which I love and if you know Zumba & know me you’ll understand :).
 I am truly passionate about my work one to one and small group work as an EFT Success Coach, Life & Career Coach and Anger Management Specialist. I also love sharing with larger groups on organizational sites and  via the internet.  I am involved facilitating in three collaborative venues this month and hope to see my local networking colleagues there! View details and register: http://www./balanceandpower.com/events.php 

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Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO Balance & Power Inc. and Author of SOAR! with Resilience™” 
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Do you have “seasonal” and all the time inspirational activities & people to be with  and inspire you?

Here are a few of mine and I’d love to see yours!: (comment below)


Walks on the beach and on boardwalk



Hangin’ on my deck with family and friends

Dinner – drinks outside on  my deck or elsewhere

All the time: 

Movies & theater

A good book





Fun work-outs (Zumba!)

Facilitating workshops and one:one coaching

The internet

Business Networking

What activities and people inspire you?

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Wow- my blog “ratings”  skyrocked with my recent blog https://balanceandpowerblog.com/2010/05/10/allowing-the-ash-to-settle/ – thanks for your online, telephone & in person responses!  Tonight I facilitated a workshop tor ASTD LI : “Transform Procrastination into Action
with “Emotional Freedom Techniques” ”
www.chapters.astd.org and it was heartwarmingly wonderfully accepted!!! Yay!!

My fav “tapping”  (EFT) example is about procrastination..so I had my perfect stories & set-ups re packing for this and previous trips. No time now- ask me abt that one day!!

Next entry from Spain

xoxo world,


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I’m referring to the ash of recent volcanic eruption that has caused disruption in international travel.  My recent blog, “Strategies for Emotional Flexibility” and all the Stress Management tips I know & teach havent yet settled my unease re the flights around this trip. We are planning to leave  in 2 days: Thursday afternoon, Kennedy-Madrid, with a flight Malaga-London 5/26 and then back to NY June 1. Thanks in advance for the power of collective positive energy. I know that stress is about feeling out of control and that 92% of worry is about circumstances we cannot change.  With that said, I could be packing instead of writing this blog now (even tho it’s a great release to blog abt something like this..) and I continue to tap throughout the day with ash settled being my newest tapping phrase!  I’ve always had some issues with packing- and am so much better at it now and  am evidently procrastinating- another fear issue..am I afraid I wont “have enough” or “just in case”  if we’re stranded in Europe- and that scenario can be terrific actually- so I must focus on taking the most important items and nothing else.  We still need to deal with the luggage-weight issues and are bringing our daughter a new computer among other things! The Euro is so low now we can buy anything needed for bargain prices~

Traveling can be chaotic- and I have coached many people to  successfully overcome fear of flying and packing anxiety.  The “ash fear” and related issues can be conquered too. Onward!

Thanks for the collective ear, friends!

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