Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter

Patience, Tolerance (& Assertiveness!) for the Holidays Three personal characteristics to be especially aware of in our fast paced times: patience, tolerance, assertiveness- especially this Holiday season – and beyond! Frustration tipping point Do you need a patience tune-up? One common denominator among my anger management clients is impatience. Impatience is more prevalent these days as … More Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter

Millennial Management!

Ages 18-34 are often stereotyped as “coddled” and “entitled” – and are stepping up to management positions in all areas of business, healthcare and non-profit.  They join Gen X (ages 35 – 50) in replacing retiring BabyBoomers and stepping up the pace and technology.  They also have been observed to respond to texts faster than … More Millennial Management!

Re-Cultivating Patience

I’ve been told (uh-uh!) ithat I need to revisit my patience (tolerance?) quotient.. I commented that I’ve greatly – noticeably improved over the (many) years of maturation, inner work, etc. and perhaps it’s time to recultivate this I have been losing it (patience- that’s all I hope!) more easily of late- in fact just yesterday … More Re-Cultivating Patience