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I’m happy/excited  to be facilitating this interactive workshop for the next 2 months:

~ Reduce Holiday & Everyday Stress!

~ Special Segment: Especially for Caregivers and the ‘Sandwich Generation”.

  • Guided Relaxation with Positive Visualizations

Please contact me to arrange for your group!image008

Keep SOARing!

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. 
Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career!
(516) 623-4353  C: (516) 547-5485 

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Do you know what your intuitive “cues” or “clues” from your power center – usually the gut – are?  A pang in your gut when you may be doing the wrong thing, or a vibrant zing when your body approves, can guide you reliably at times when logic fails. Sometimes, when logic prevails, we ignore our gut and live to regret it, understanding later that a rational approach is only one way of determining what is going on in a situation and how we can react.

Our gut resides in the neighborhood of our solar plexus just above your belly button. When it is functioning well, we can trust its guidance and adjust our actions accordingly. Many of us have a tendency to hold in this area of our bodies. We may take shallow breaths that never reach this vital center that is the source of our empowerment. It is in this place that we find the courage to act and be assertive. When our power center is out of balance, we are timid and out of sync, wishing we had said something we were only able to phrase later when we were alone; wishing we had acted on an opportunity we didn’t see until it was past.
Hunter Mountain 2
In order to trust and utilize your power center more consistently, you may want to focus your attention on it regularly and make time to care for it. You can begin right now by taking a deep breath into your belly. On the exhale, pull your navel in toward your spine so as to empty out completely before taking another deep breath into your belly. When you empty completely, you release stagnant energy and create more space to be filled with fresh, nourishing breath. The more you practice this simple exercise, the more clear and communicative your feelings will be and the more comfortable you will feel acting on them.

CALL for a FREE CONSULT: 516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com 

Another way to nourish your power center is with EFT tapping.  When working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we close a round with three strong power breaths. The combination is double empowering and a perceived fear factor can go from 9 to 1 in a short amount of time – and then you’re ready to rock!!

CALL for a FREE CONSULT: 516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com 

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The video below introduces EFT (Emotional freedom techniques, tapping) which can be instrumental in transforming negative beliefs.


Negative beliefs about ourselves are often mean and constant, and we don’t always notice them because they are often subconcious. To help find out what your negative thoughts are, you need to write them down, or at least share them verbally with an EFT practioner.  Then you can “tap” on each thought-challenge until they are gone!

Here are a few examples of negative thoughts with “turnaround” statements next to each one.

I’m too fat.                    I’m the perfect weight for me at this time.

I don’t know enough.    I know all that I need to know right now.

I’m not good enough.   I’m perfect just as I am.

I’ll never be any good.  I’m getting better all the time.

I’m not worthy of a relationship.   I am worthy of the right relationship for me.

I’m stupid.   I’m as smart as I need to be.

I weigh too much.   I’m the perfect weight for me right now.

Contact me for a FREE CONSULT and together we can transform your limiting beliefs.

516 623 4353    eileen@balanceandpower.com               www.balanceandpower.com 


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Image (155) (1)Having a daily intention -and expanding it in to a bigger picture can really help you to move forward with goals – business – relationships. In the early morning create your intention for the day – in one or many areas. Visualize positive outcomes and believe them. If you tap (EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques), then “tap” on it!

Your path, moods, thoughts can be chosen by you ~ It is the act of choosing that helps to liberate the spirit.

What is the ONE thing that you can choose to think about today, and commit to? How will this change your mood, your day, and perhaps your destiny? Be accountable to yourself – and – if you need help with this contact me for a FREE 20 minute phone consult!

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eft events long island
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
with Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career

    • Release stress and resolve issues!
    • Build confidence!
    • Overcome fears!
  • Tap on your own challenges and the other participants’ for great results!
  • Beginners and Experienced Tappers Welcome


Amazing Energy Meridian Tapping Techniques combined with Intuitive Languaging Can Help Eradicate & Relieve Your Physical and
Emotional Negative Symptoms!

Four Weeks:
Tuesday, July 14, 2015  Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday, July 21, 2015  Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday, July 28, 2015  Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Tuesday, August 4, 2015  Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Location: 433 Maple Avenue, Westbury, New York 11590

Cost: $80 series [Small groups, Advance Registration Required]
Register with Paypal below. Credit Cards accepted via telephone.
Find out More about EFT

Questions? Contact Eileen Now for a Complimentary Telephone Consult
Ph: 516 623 4353 Email: eileen@balanceandpower.com

10% discount for Veterans and their families

Register Now: with Paypal to eileen@balanceandpower.com or Credit Card : 516 623 4353

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anger mangement nassau countyZap your food cravings with EFT! EFT dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.

Tapping Each Day Keeps The Binges Away!

How EFT Releases Weight and Eliminates Emotional Eating:

    • Reduces stress from everyday issues that may cause you to turn to food to tranquilize anxious feelings.
    • Dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.
    • Releases cortisol (stress hormone) that become abdominal fat.
    • Banishes negative, set-in-stone beliefs and self- fulfilling expectations about food, weight, body image and hereditary factors.
    • Eliminates subconscious need to hang onto excess weight.
    • Neutralizes the emotional effects of difficult or traumatic events from the past.
    • Helps you to identify your personal overeating “triggers,” the people, places, situations or thoughts that cause
  • Zaps your food cravings with everything notated above happening!

CONTACT ME for a Free 20 minute telephone consult.

10% discount for Veterans and their families

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Veterans Reintegration nassau county long islandAlmost all service members will have reactions after returning from deployment. These behaviors and feelings are normal, especially during the first weeks at home. Despite the challenges of reintegration, most service members will successfully readjust with few problems. However, seeking solutions to problems is a sign of strength. Having coping skills will positively influence your ability and attitude to handle the uncertainties of post-deployment and reintegration.

Find put more here and how to sign up for (discounted) EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)sessions for Vets & Families:


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