Mindfulness & EFT!

Many of us are true believers – in ourselves, our goals, leading a mindful life and tapping when extra help is needed.  Mindfulness and EFT (tapping) is a powerful combination to create mind shifts and reframing for success.  Here is an additional quick tip from Dr.Srini Pillay, MD. based on the acronym CIRCA: Chunk time-tasks … More Mindfulness & EFT!

Happy Holidays! and Eileen’s Gifts to You!

                              Balance & Power Newsletter    Happy Holidays Everyone!!                     ENJOY!!    AND! I’m offering  a 50% gift (each) of enrollment fee when 2 enroll! :   Tuesdays 8PM-9PM ET beginning January 14.    4 weeks via telephone  Details        AND! Each registrant will receive Eileen’s 3 … More Happy Holidays! and Eileen’s Gifts to You!