Do you have a PMA?

 To be successful, you need to have a positive mental attitude, or PMA. We need to continually feed our  mind with positive thoughts to create success. Creating this sort of attitude could be one of your most important habits that you end up incorporating on a daily basis!  Most successful people have experienced failure and … More Do you have a PMA?

Are You Ready…!

Are you ready for your life to be transformed?   Are you ready to reduce stress to optimal levels?   Can you imagine being happy most of the time?   Are you ready to make some personal shifts and see your career soar?   Learn how to get and stay inspired   Can you imagine being surrounded … More Are You Ready…!

Catapult Your Confidence: Be Fearless & Worry Free with EFT

EFT is like yoga for the emotions and the spirit. It involves gentle tapping on stress relief points of the body and it can provide relief from physical and emotional pain, and any trauma or beliefs that have been blocking your truth.  Do you feel the weight of all the ‘shoulds’ on your shoulders? Do … More Catapult Your Confidence: Be Fearless & Worry Free with EFT