EFT Shines among all the Anger Management Techniques

“EFT shines among all the Anger Management Techniques available to the public. It is clearly the most useful in that it provides both rapid relief and long term benefits. Once you have learned the EFT process, you can apply it at the onset of an anger episode and, in most cases, it will rapidly “bring you down” … More EFT Shines among all the Anger Management Techniques

Bullying Prevention

Kerry Flynn Moeykens, my Co-Author in the collaborative collection CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM! www.contagiousoptimism.net (publisher Viva Editions) has “hit the nail on the head” re the commonality between bullies and victims: shame and low self-esteem. We hope this helps break the chain!! She sent me her short piece below that I’m happy to share:    Something Happened at School Billy came … More Bullying Prevention

Empowerment= Less Anger

People notice their anger levels lowering when feelings of empowerment and self esteem rise.   It feels great knowing you are “in charge” of your response; the opposite of feeling “overwhelmed” or highly stressed, which contributes to high levels of frustration and can easily lead to anger. Anger is a natural human emotion – we all … More Empowerment= Less Anger

Strategies to Help Manage & Prevent Anger

Knowing, understanding and being able to apply strategies to help manage and prevent destructive anger is necessary in today’s world which can be extremely stress inducing.  Anger is a completely natural response to the frustrations of life, with many of these frustrations being out of our control. (The definition of “stressed” is feeling out of … More Strategies to Help Manage & Prevent Anger