Stop Self-Sabotage

Procrastination is often a secondary symptom of an overfull schedule. When we procrastinate it is often self-sabotage towards success. Working through your day’s objectives, you can easily accomplish most of the tasks waiting for your attention today. As you make progress, you can build up momentum that makes moving on to the next duty much … More Stop Self-Sabotage

5 Strategies to Reverse Procrastination

  Learn EFT to overcome obstacles and discover what they may be if you do not know. Prioritize and set a realistic time limit for tasks to be completed relatively in the near future.     Work  backwards from  the deadline  date. Tackle least favorite tasks first. You will feel more focused, accomplished and  a burden lifted. Ask … More 5 Strategies to Reverse Procrastination

Bullying Affects Adulthood

Studies have been verifying that bullying (victim or perpetrator) affects adulthood. A new study suggests that  that bullying doesn’t end in the schoolyard, but casts a shadow into adulthood when emotional, behavioral, financial and health problems manifest. Research shows that the poor results for victims and victims-perpetrators ran high even when other important factors such … More Bullying Affects Adulthood