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Many of you know that I’ve just become a grandma to baby boy! All are doing well in London and I’m happy to share the joy and love.  I’ve been told (on Facebook) that I’ve just joined one of the best clubs in the world 🙂 – grandparents.  Happy Father’s Day to all who celebrate!

Today is “National Smile Day” and it makes me smile simply to read that.  I know this fact since  “Contagious Optimism”  a book I’m a contributing author of has been launched today!


Contagious Optimism Book Signing with Eileen


Eileen will be book signing for Contagious Optimism! – She is a contributor with her chapter “Resilience”

When: Sunday, July 14th at 2pm

Location: Barnes and Noble Fresh Meadows
(Utopia Center 176-60 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY 113660) 

More Info at Balance & Power Media 

More Information Contagious Optimism 

Contagious Optimism Website

Buy it now at Amazon

My chapter is “Resilience” and it’s about bouncing back from my extreme feelings of being empty-nested circa 9/11 re London mom you’ve just read about who decided to live there after meeting her guy while in graduate school –  and her sister going to Madrid to study and work (she’s living happily in Amsterdam now with her man, teaching English and doing English-Spanish translations).   This story is also in my publication along with numerous strategies and success stories to help you achieve success & happiness in your life and career.


SOAR! with Resilience® the Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success”    Buy it on Amazon.com    


Also Available: SOAR! with Resilience® the Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success” 
[Kindle Edition]


***The main message on the subject of  “empty nestedness” is  that the most important single thing for a parent’s happiness is that her(his)  child is well and happy.  You may hear me expand on this on a recent radio show: “The Simple methods for Overcoming Separation Anxiety*** (and anxiety in general :))







 TA DA!!  


in Wantagh, Long Island this Tuesday 6/18.  Pre registration is required.  Details  

If you cannot attend and want to donate: 

United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund

Video skype sessions, webinars and on site trainings available 


My office is in Wantagh, Long Island and I also coach via video skype and phone. You may contact me for a complimentary twenty minute telephone consult!   








Keep Soaring!

Eileen Lichtenstein,
CEO Balance & Power, Inc.

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. Peak PerformanceSuccess Coach / Trainer and Professional Speaker, Stress Management, Anger Management, EFT, “SOAR! with Reslience Programs & Manual ♦ Wantagh, NY, USA 


Why Worry?Stop Self-Sabotage Now!Enhance Happiness Now!Self-Esteem, Anger & Shame
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SOAR! With Resilience™ 
The Balance and Power Network on Radio

♦ Explore personal and professional goal manifestation and facilitation with experts!

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anger mangement nassau county
Facilitated by Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. 
CEO Balance & Power, Inc. and author SOAR! with Resilience® 

When: Tuesdays June 4 and June 18, 7:30 – 9:00 PM 
Where : 775 Wantagh Avenue 2nd floor
Wantagh, New York 11793 
Cost: Free 

Beginners and experience “EFT’ers” welcome!

**Borrowing Benefit** involves tapping along with someone else’s issue while watching a facilitated EFT session and thus “Borrowing Benefits” for yourself. It makes perfect sense because the issues being addressed for someone else tend to parallel yours. You may not have the precise fears, guilt, traumas, resentments, etc. as the person on the “hotseat” but you DO have your versions of them. Thus, while the facilitated tapping may not aim at the exact center of your issue, it DOES land on the target and is usually close enough to the center to be of major value 

Seating Limited; Pre-Registration Only: 516-623-4353 

Donations accepted at the door for SuperStorm Sandy victims: 
United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund:

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De-Stress, Focus and SOAR! with Resilience™”         

Eileen Lichtenstein, M.S. Ed. CEO

Balance & Power, Inc

 Experience Simple Techniques and Learn Strategies to:

  • Reduce/ release stress
  • Focus your energy on taking action with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)


When: Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012
Time:  2:00pm – 3:30pm
Location:  Blue Firmament in RVC, 202 Merrick Rd., Rockville Center


FOOD & CLOTHING DRIVE for RVC Distribution Center

RSVP to Eileen at  516-623-4353 or eileen@balanceandpower.com 



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 To all my friends recently touched by destruction and dire circumstances, as our collective prayers, thoughts and actions aid recovery from Superstorm Sandy, and to all of my friends not  in the New York Metro area, let’s remember we can always accelerate resilience in spirit with these simple steps:

• Set specific goals that are attainable.  Take baby steps to get there when necessary.
• When you are feeling down due to personal circumstances, take stock of your strengths and positive circumstances and BE GRATEFUL!!
• Surround yourself with positive people as much as possible.
• Do not read, watch or listen to the news if you become “too upset”.

You are the only one who can control your attitude. By focusing on what is strong and enduring and seeing potential, you can take calculated risks and overcome challenges .


It takes an open, creative mind free from anxiety to pick up on opportunities.


They are out there ready to be accessed by your positive and resilient radar!!


Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

Emphasize the Positive for Successful Relationships


Choose Happiness!

Being Happy (Can) Make You Look Great!

Ask for What You Want… Otherwise Don’t Wonder Why You don’t Get You Always Have a Choice!

You Always Have a Choice!

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Eileen Lichtenstein
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Sandy's Path of Destruction Horror stories, boats in houses, boardwalks in front yards, no power means no heat too; it’s cold in NY now.  I’m booting up in nearby town of Rockville Centre that has the business district hopping with electric.  A sense of community, repair, boredom, hopelessness and overwhelm for some.  Homelessness, shelters and evacuations are no fun.  Uprooted and possessions gone- a lot of that on Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, downtown Manhattan, Staten Island & New Jersey.  So, if you’re simply bored with no power, no work happening and have your stuff and your peeps-well then- let’s have big gratefulness positive energy happening.  You’ve got you!! And that’s a lot.  Here’s a few things to do:

Light some candles and meditate- become one with a flame for a few minutes!

Visit someone by bicycle (save gasoline, which is a additional problem now)

Read a book(s)

Clean out some shelves

Have a post hurricane party!


Still no power in my home; I’m at Panera’s RVC now.

We’re fortunate to have hot water, stove top and my neighbor’s generator hooked to the fridge a few hours a day.

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