EFT tapping to fully release old beliefs

Next time you get angry or frustrated, don’t focus on your circumstances. Ask yourself what belief about the circumstances you are clinging to. And think about how that might be incorrect or not useful. Everyone sees things from their own lens… you may want to try to reframe and learn EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping to release … More EFT tapping to fully release old beliefs

Be Unstoppable: An inspirational Interview

My colleague, the unstoppable Frankie Picasso has an amazing inspirational interview below with Fran Silverman; enjoy!: Q  – Roughly 10 years ago you lived through a horrific motorcycle accident where you sustained breaks to both of your femurs, hip, pelvis tibula and fibula. During your 5-1/2 months in the hospital you worried about your three … More Be Unstoppable: An inspirational Interview

Encounter Obstacles and Be Unstoppable!

You will encounter obstacles when you want to achieve greater success, and you can be unstoppable!Getting laid off, losing a key contract to a competitor, receiving a rejection letter, facing a serious illness, losing your home in a natural disaster, experiencing the heartache of having a romantic relationship end are just a tiny handful of the … More Encounter Obstacles and Be Unstoppable!