3 R’s for Optimal Happiness & Well Being!

    Balance & Power Newsletter        Hi Everyone! I’m about to tell you how come it’s imperative to Release, Relax & Recharge throughout each day at home and in the office to create optimal happiness and well being.  Perhaps you are aware that the following tips below are stress relievers- and now I’m suggesting you … More 3 R’s for Optimal Happiness & Well Being!

Release, Relax & Recharge Throughout Each Day for Optimal Happiness & Well Being!

Stress is cumulative.  Extreme frustration and stress left to fester  can easily lead to inappropriate outbursts of anger violent  or depressive episodes  on the other side of a continuum. When you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, unappreciated, angry  it’s important to take time out to release, relax and recharge. When you are experiencing difficulty meeting multiple … More Release, Relax & Recharge Throughout Each Day for Optimal Happiness & Well Being!

Time to Recharge!

        Hi Everyone! Summer is time to recharge, re-focus and energize!  If you are experiencing the “summertime blues” this is strongly indicated!~  Perhaps you’ve been wondering about a four hour workweek again…   Exercise outdoors – be near water – allow yourself to dream!   Summer Special! $99 POWER HOUR! with 4, 6, … More Time to Recharge!

SYNERGY!(c) Eileen Lichtenstein 2010

SYNCHRONICITY-SERENDIPITY-SYNERGY are wonderfully timed scenarios-circumstances; it’s fabulous that the English language provides us with these feel-good words… Lately, my career/collaborations as well as family events and relationships are feeling that way/all good! My current involvement with The R.E.D. Team: Recharge-Empower-Develop You and Your Family (for additional insight view http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php) is a perfect example:  as I … More SYNERGY!(c) Eileen Lichtenstein 2010