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194523_1850294227922_1557737766_1906403_522253_oThis article on post vacation re-entry tips by Jamie Herzlich has me quoted in Newsday . Here’s the link to the entire article: http://www.newsday.com/business/columnists/jamie-herzlich/small-business-before-vacation-plan-for-re-entry-1.8420147

” Set up an automatic email email response to let people know you’ll be out of the office.”

You may also enlist the services of a telephone answering service, which can help screen calls and alert you if you need to respond to something while you’re away.” (I’ve done this myself :))

“Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  On your way home, mentally relive your vacation a bit so you have it fresh in your mind and you can access these visualizations daily.”

“Perhaps even build time into your to do list to transfer photos from your camera to your computer.”

“Don’t lose the essence of your vacation.

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