Positive Thinking & Positive Phrasing Fosters Success!

Positive thinking plus positive phrasing fosters success! It takes conscious effort and patience to change-eliminate certain phrases which have become verbal patterns/habits over the years.  It’s easier to do with a buddy…and/or a snap of a rubber band on the wrist each time the incorrect phrase slips out.  The same idea about cursing which can … More Positive Thinking & Positive Phrasing Fosters Success!

LOA(Law of Attraction) Positive Phrasing

 LOA (Law of Attraction) needs visualizing positive outcome and positive phrasing and language for manifestation- and an action component as well.  I’ve been revisiting this aspect of positive phrasing and LOA, and am encouraging you to take this challenge and change your low energy phrases to high-energy phrases with your own words.  Here are some examples: … More LOA(Law of Attraction) Positive Phrasing