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Do you want to overcome workplace challenges with ease and create optimal happiness and productivity?  Perhaps you will recognize some characteristics listed below in your self, a colleague or a friend.  These are typical ADD- Adult Deficit Disorder symptoms that many adults suffer with. Maybe you’ve never heard of ADD.  No matter, these basic traits can manifest themselves in ways that greatly impact an individual’s job performance or ability to communicate effectively. Specifically, you can have many performance and communication challenges if you  experience these issues:

-Difficulty maintaining a topic of conversation

-Difficulty making decisions

-Inability to control one’s immediate reaction to a conversation partner

-Verbal or behavioral impulsivity

-Difficulty organizing and expressing one’s thoughts effectively

-Problems with time management; being chronically late

-Extreme impatience; low tolerance for frustration

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Are you prepared to meet the “turnaround”: the coming in of our new economy, with all the additional and new demands it will place on your time and energy?

Are the employees and leadership in your company ready to demonstrate and experience optimal:
• Performance
• Communication
• Creativity
• Stress Levels
• Anger and Conflict Management
• Health and Wellness

We’ve spent over a year in economic limbo- and now is the time to move forward with energy and conviction! Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO Balance & Power, Inc. and her team facilitate trainings, coaching and retreats that foster Significant Positive Change in productivity, health and stress levels with an increase in:
• Assertiveness: Ability to express thoughts and feelings in a confident and non-aggressive manner.
• Optimism: Ability to be positive and hopeful about the future in the face of stress, setbacks or disappointments.
• Motivation: Ability to begin and sustain behaviors to accomplish goals
• Adaptability: Ability to solve problems by being flexible, creative, and translating ideas into action, while working well with others.
• Self-Regulation: Ability to control one’s thoughts and feelings in times of stress and remain calm under pressure.
• Self-Actualization: Ability to live up to potential through the pursuit of challenging goals, setting high personal standards and pursuing tasks outside of one’s comfort zone.
• Self-Acceptance: Ability to recognize and accept both positive and negative aspects of one’s self.

Balance & Power, Inc. http://www.balanceandpower.com offers strategic interventions and preventative programs and coaching to align individual development with organizational competency and business strategy. Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., EFT-ADV is a Success Coach trained by Corporate Coach University and a Professional Speaker. She is a former biofeedback therapist, fitness trainer and Hofstra University adjunct professor for Health and Physical Education and is currently on staff with CUNY MEC for Leadership and Team Building. Her private practice is in Baldwin, NY where she sees individuals and small groups. On-site and telephone coaching-training may be arranged.

Call Now for a Complimentary Telephone Consultation to explore a customized package to meet your personal or organizational needs: 516 623 4353

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