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Here’s what brain research says will make you happy:

  • “What am I grateful for?” Just asking -searching helps; you don’t need answers!
  • Label -name negative emotions. Your brain isn’t so bothered  when you name it.
  • Decide. No perfectionist thinking – good enough usually is!
  • Hugs, hugs, hugs.  Research shows getting five hugs a day for four weeks increases happiness big time.

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Everything is interconnected:

  • Gratitude improves sleep.
  • Sleep reduces pain.
  • Reduced pain improves your mood.
  • Improved mood reduces anxiety.
  • Reduced anxiety improves focus and planning.
  • Focus and planning help with decision making.
  • Decision making further reduces anxiety and improves enjoyment.
  • Enjoyment gives you more to be grateful for!
  • Enjoyment also makes it more likely you’ll exercise and be social, which, in turn, will make you happier.
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  1. Learn EFT to overcome obstacles and discover what they may be if you do not know.Image
  2. Prioritize and set a realistic time limit for tasks to be completed relatively in the near future.     Work  backwards from  the deadline  date.
  3. Tackle least favorite tasks first. You will feel more focused, accomplished and  a burden lifted.
  4. Ask for assistance or even delegate it if you can.  Asking for assistance a sign of accountability, a very desirable trait in the workplace.
  5. Release any tendency towards perfectionism.  Collaborate with others (e.g., boss, friends, family) to get different perspective. 

Stop self sabotage now! You may ask me for assistance – simply contact me for a FREE consult

www.balanceandpower.com  516 623 4353

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10 Tips to Get Out of Your Own Way and Be Fearless!

There are easy-to-do tips here.

I do them all with outstanding results!  Let me know how they go for you- or what are already your favs :)-

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"To get something done is an accomplishment.

To get something done right is an achievement.

Aim for success, not perfection!

The tragedy of life isn't not reaching your goals.

The tragedy lies in not having written goals to reach.

Behind every successful person are many failures.

Believe in unlimited potential.

There will never be a better time to begin than right now.

The first person who has to believe in you is you!

Failure is only an opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity."

via Jerry Siegel jerry@jasbmanagement.com

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Give yourself permission to change your mind and prioritize differently- in life and in business.  I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in the current economic climate and there are new rules.  You can overcome anxiety and angst while reaching realistic  goals when you take  time to access what you have in front of you, take a break and re-evaluate. http://balanceandpower.com/stress.php
Sometimes  it’s indicated to release a project or detail in the pursuit of the big picture.  Procrastination and perfectionism can be “time vampires-bandits-thieves-robbers”  so I recommend being on the look-out for them and conquering related issues.

You may call-email me for a complimentary 20 minute consult to “SOAR! with Resilience” towards  peak performance, goal setting and happiness and to learn about how EFT can help with goal setting and actualization.

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I’ve been viewing PBS : The Buddha”.  It’s a wonderful narrative-visual with intelligent modern people coming on to comment and Richard Gere in charge.  Interesting and not surprising that today blah-blah-blah  and I said “I’m not perfect, you know” and Mom said 1/2 in jest- “I thought you are”. Huge aha!  I’ve known  this “all along” and to have it reinforced on the same day via media is wonderful.

Being judgemental is about expecting perfection.  Being non-judgemental is the opposite.

An attitude of “expecting pefection” from anyone – even yourself- breeds judgement.
Zen philosophy teaches no expectations- detached from outcome=no judgement.

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