4 Ways to Be Happier

Here’s what brain research says will make you happy: “What am I grateful for?” Just asking -searching helps; you don’t need answers! Label -name negative emotions. Your brain isn’t so bothered  when you name it. Decide. No perfectionist thinking – good enough usually is! Hugs, hugs, hugs.  Research shows getting five hugs a day for four weeks increases happiness big time. … More 4 Ways to Be Happier

5 Strategies to Reverse Procrastination

  Learn EFT to overcome obstacles and discover what they may be if you do not know. Prioritize and set a realistic time limit for tasks to be completed relatively in the near future.     Work  backwards from  the deadline  date. Tackle least favorite tasks first. You will feel more focused, accomplished and  a burden lifted. Ask … More 5 Strategies to Reverse Procrastination

How to Prioritize to Reach Your Goals

Give yourself permission to change your mind and prioritize differently- in life and in business.  I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in the current economic climate and there are new rules.  You can overcome anxiety and angst while reaching realistic  goals when you take  time to access what you have in front … More How to Prioritize to Reach Your Goals

You don’t have to be perfect: just go inward and you’ll know what to do:)

I’ve been viewing PBS : The Buddha”.  It’s a wonderful narrative-visual with intelligent modern people coming on to comment and Richard Gere in charge.  Interesting and not surprising that today blah-blah-blah  and I said “I’m not perfect, you know” and Mom said 1/2 in jest- “I thought you are”. Huge aha!  I’ve known  this “all … More You don’t have to be perfect: just go inward and you’ll know what to do:)