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STOP is an acronym which simply can mean:

Stop and consider what happened..

Think about the possibility of cognitive distortions being key to your perceptions.

Objectify the distorted perceptions and try to replace them.

Plan ahead – how can you think differently in the future? Plan action steps.

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I hear the expression “it is what it is” quite frequently.  Sometimes I wonder if the speaker is simply stating a fact or is resigned to an unhappy outcome.  We cannot change many circumstances and certainly not the perception or behavior of others.  However, I do feel strongly that for most folks  there is often a way to adjust the ebook-cover-angerthings we are in control of – including our own perceptions – and use tools to shift our attitude and way of coping- so the “it”changes a bit and is perceived in a more positive light.  Personally, I stay away from using this expression and often cringe internally when I hear another say it.  When it’s a client, it can become a discussion about additional possibilities and doors to open.  The combination of being intuitive and a great problem solver – looking at myriads of possibilities has helped many clients to see things from a different, more hopeful perspective.

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