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It might help to practice being in the present moment If you want to feel more positive. Notice when your attention wanders to thoughts about the past or anticipation of the future, and try redirecting your attention back one thing:  your breath, your body, or something in your immediate surroundings. Turn an everyday action into a tool for mindfulness by practicing during one specific activity, like while eating the first three bites of lunch.    Enjoy these quotes by a master of Zen Mindfulness Meditation for the Western World: Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

My audio program, “Moving Meditation Fitness(R)” takes you on a journey of mindful exercise, affirmations and relaxation: http://balanceandpower.com/movingmeditation.php

Free Sample from Moving Meditation® Fitness CD

Track #9:
Healing Breathwork
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What people are saying about Eileen’s Stress Management Seminars:

sensitivity training Long Island“Eileen’s Presentation was very engaging and well received by all. We are living in an economic climate full of stress and endless things to do. Most people do not take the time out of their busy schedules to relax, balance and effectively manage the stress in their lives. Your program is highly recommended for all to become a well-rounded, balanced person.”
– Georgia Joseph-Gant, Director
Freeport Business & Professional Resource Support Group

“Eileen’s seminars were interesting, informative and presented in a clear and unique way. The techniques she taught us are valuable techniques for reducing stress on the job.”
– E.I., Associate Provost for Information Systems, Hofstra University.

“I was impressed not only by your professionalism, but also by the personalized attention that each employee received from you during and after each session. You came very well prepared and your activities were interesting . Our employees were thrilled with your sessions. Many, with your assistance, have been able to reduce their stress in the workplace.”
– J.H., Human Resources, Margolin, Winer & Evens, LLP. 

More Testimonials Here

Complimentary Consult: http://www.balanceandpower.com  516 623 4353


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1.  Let go of your resistance and accept!  the anxiety related physical  sensations you feel.  

 2. Let go of “can’t” thoughts; change the word!  

 3. Let go of being so hard on yourself and acknowledge “seasonal overwhelm and worry” for what it is- temporary!! Worry Graphics Code | Worry Comments & Pictures

And of course- whenever you can, BREATHE! extra deep in through nose (belly expanding), out through nose or mouth, releasing negative energy. 

Listen to Moving Meditation®  

Free Sample from Moving Meditation® Fitness CD 

Track #9:
Healing Breathwork 
Download Free mp3 Now 

Moving Meditation® Fitness CD

This one hour program consists of instructional voice-over jazz guiding you step-by-step through the
Moving Meditation® Program.

Side A: includes warm-up stretches and instruction in relaxation breathing. Original fluid upper body movements are then added along with visualizations and positive imagery. This program can be used with walking, running, skating, exercise bike, aquacise and seated exercise. It can also be used as a warm-up/cool down for a power walking or running program.

Side B: includes progressive muscle relaxation, gentle stretches, and equipped meditative sequences.

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Viewing a dance performance can transport you because it is

  • multisensual; often music is involved and sometimes props-
  • erotic
  • therapeutic in that it is out of your head- into feelings and creative spaces-

I was in audience Tilles Center (CW Post) Long Island  for Jose Limon Dance Company performance this past weekend- and I was transported!

Once in a while I found myself blogging (this) in my head and forced stop- to be able to be fully present and “out of my head” with the dance viewing experience.

I’ve always found dance to be therapeutic in the doing and the viewing…

Free Danc...

I owned a dance and exercise studio and created an audio program Moving Meditation® Fitness: A Fitness and Relaxation Program  knowing that anyone can become more focused, relaxed and happier with the inclusion of dance-movement combined with visualization and guided breath work in their fitness and stress release routines.

All you need to do is simply allow  dance and movement  to transport you!

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If you need immediate help here are some stress tips you can implement today:

  • Take Cleansing Breaths: Three sets of deep inhalations through the nose (belly rising)
    and exhaling through the nose, (abdomen deflating) can (temporarily) change
    your physiology.
  • Stretch: Practice Office Yoga and the Moving Meditation® Fitness Program 
    throughout the day to release/reduce tension and increase energy.
  • Walk: A five minute walk outside can change your mood and mindset.  Try adding  breathwork + affirmations: even better!
  • Listen to Music: A mood changer.
  • Eat Peacefully: This aids the digestion and gives you “time away”. Leave your office!
  • Allow Time: Give yourself extra time for the unexpected.
  • Smile and Laugh: Humor has been proven effective in reducing stress.

You may contact me for a complimentary 15 minute telephone consult. I coach individuals and groups via phone, skype and face to face in the NY area.

What people are saying about Eileen’s Seminars & Coaching

“Eileen’s Presentation was very engaging and well received by all. We are living in an economic climate full of stress and endless things to do. Most people do not take the time out of their busy schedules to relax, balance and effectively manage the stress in their lives. Your program is highly recommended for all to become a well-rounded, balanced person.”
– Georgia Joseph-Gant, Director
Freeport Business & Professional Resource Support Group

“I knew the road that I had to go down. This class gave me the focus I needed for the journey.”
– Ibrahim Zahran, Nassau County Sheriff

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Living in Long Island, New York in summer is a gift. Nature is in our backyards, the parks and along the shores. I’ve been grateful to have the time, stamina and physical ability, as well as a husband/best friend to go kayaking with in peaceful Hewlett Bay-Harbor. As we navigated through high tide this morning, a meaningful excerpt from a book I’ve been reading came back at me:

Everything that you have ever asked for is downstream, where you can easily find it, experience it, possess it, or live it.

The Astonishing Power of Emotions
Esther and Jerry Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham)

My bird watching was then accompanied by strains of the Beatles singing “…turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…”, from Tomorrow Never Knows.

Ah, taking meditative time in nature during the summer is something I look forward to. It is my hope that you may experience the joy and power of being outdoors, in stillness or in movement, wherever you reside.

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“At the moment you consciously make a choice, pay attention to how you feel.”

From The Law of Karma

We all find ourselves at times walking the edge between this and that, yes and no. . When you make a decision and you have a sense of “relief” you know it’s a right choice. Intuitive “hits” come in many forms- from sensory images, physical feelings and auditory and olfactory clues. When you are open to receiving and noticing “signs”, it becomes progressively easier to trust your intuition. The optimal receptive “state” has being “grounded” for a prerequisite. For instant grounding, connect with nature: take a walk, meditate at the ocean, listen to the birds, gaze at a flower. Spring is the perfect season to jumpstart your intuition. Or listen to a guided meditation, which you may listen to on the Moving Meditation(R) Fitness audio program.  The following tips help access your intuition are most effective when practiced on a daily basis:

• Be Quiet: Take time out every day to experience some form of stillness and silence. Calm your mind chatter with deep breathing or meditation. Releasing your need to know, analyze and think will allow intuition to work.
• Trust and Look for Signs: Be open to seeing signs and symbols and receiving information from all around you, including songs from the radio and street signs.
• Be Creative, Play!: Creativity and play partner well with intuition, as does getting into the “zone” with cardio exercise. Whenever you “lose track of the time and move into a “flow state” intuitive guidance may be at work.
• Take Risks and notice your intuitive hits happen!
• Be Inquisitive:When you ask yourself questions, you open to clarity and insight. The answers lie within us- get out of your own way so that the answers can surface and trust yourself.
• Write: Writing allows information and insight to come forth from your inner self. Take time to journal-or blog everyday. Connect moments of gratitude, synchronistic events and affirmations through writing.


FREE CONSULT: 516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com   image013

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