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You are absolutely ready to transform stress into success if you say or think the following:

“I can’t cope!”

“I’m tired of being angry!”

“I never have enough time for my family, forget about myself:)!”

“I don’t have enough energy to go out or to exercise.”

“I don’t seem to get anything accomplished.”

“I spend too much time working.”

“My relationship (marriage) is in trouble…”

These are statements that I hear everyday from my clients and at small business networking meet-ups.  When you attend my interactive virtual or in person trainings and Motivational Whisperer Master Mind (TBA!), and as an individual client, you will learn strategies and techniques to help you cope with daily stress, increase productivity, enhance relationships and boost your bottom line and empower you.  Miscommunications at home and among staff will lessen, complex demands juggling home and work will balance and frustration-anger thresholds will rise, as will productivity.

When you are in this group or work with me individually, you will:

  • Learn to identify blocks keeping you stuck in negative patterns
  • Learn to recognize triggers which cause blocks
  • Learn how to be proactive in dealing with stressors
  • Experience and practice techniques that increase productivity and reduce stress:  Visualizations for Success, Positive Languaging, Relaxation Breathing , EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, meridian tapping  see demo videos, Goal Setting, Time Management and Prioritizing Strategies.
  • “SOAR! with Resilience” Soar-Cover-Small.JPG

Contact me for a Complimentary Consult!:

516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com


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I’m pleased to share a few announcements from Balance & Power, Inc. about additions to our services and affiliations:

  • Anger Management Specialists I certification to teach anger management for groups and individuals based on a psycho-educational model from NAMA: National Association of Anger management.  This certification is approved by the courts. www.balanceandpower.com/angermanagement.php.
  • Face to face and SKYPE video training for EFT– Emotional Freedom Techniques for Stress Reduction, PTSD, Phobias and more! www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php .


Balance & Power, Inc. is now an associate – affiliate of  JASB Management,Inc. based in Syosset, NY.  Jerry Siegel is the President and has an impressive background and training materials to Jointly Achieve Successful Business Ma

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Definitions of resilience include

  • springing back into shape
  • recovering strength, spirits, etc. quickly

“If you have made mistakes, even serious mistakes, you may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down”.

~Mary Pickford



You may also contact me for a complimentary twenty minute telephone consult:


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ebook-cover-eftI found myself a little bit crazy, overworked,
and just not able to get to that deep place
of peace where I love to be for part of my day..

So I did some tapping (EFT) on it, and had some
significant shifts in stress relief and attitude.

I’m going to share with you several of
those tapping scripts below.

Work on the one that resonates most for you,
tap on them all if you want to, and pay particular
attention to what comes up for YOU.

So if you’re tapping with one of these scripts
and a particular project comes to mind, or
stress about a situation, tap on that specifically.

The more SPECIFIC you can get with your
personal stuff, the better results you’ll have.

1.  General Overwork and Overstress

Karate Chop:  Even though I’m totally overworked,
really stressed out and have WAY too much to
do…. I deeply and completely accept myself

(Repeat the above phrase three times while
Tapping on the karate chop point)

Eyebrow: Way too much to do…
Side of the Eye:  My “to-do” list is a mile long…
Under Eye: When will I ever get it done?
Under Nose: I’ll never get it done…
Under Mouth: I’m overworked and stressed out….
Collarbone: When can I relax?
Under the Arm: I can’t seem to relax
Top of the Head: Too much to do…

(Repeat the above phrases a couple of times,
you can throw in your own phrases as well, and
when you feel significant relief, move on to
the positive phrases)

Eyebrow: I chose to relax now…
Side of the Eye: I chose to REALLY relax now…
Under the Eye: I’ll never get it ALL done…
Under Nose: And that’s ok…
Under Mouth: I chose to slow down and take a breath…
Collarbone: I am not my “to-do” list…
Under the Arm: I am good enough no matter
what I get done…
Top of the Head: I chose to relax and let it go now…

2.  Cultural Drive To Do More and Be More

Karate Chop:  Even though society says I need
to work harder, to do more, be more and never stop,
I deeply and completely accept myself

(Repeat the above phrase three times while tapping
on the karate chop point)

Eyebrow: I need to keep working…
Side of the Eye: I have to do more…
Under Eye: I need to be more…
Under Nose: I can never stop…
Under Mouth: I have to keep up…
Collarbone: Need to keep going…
Under the Arm: Can never stop…
Top of the Head: Gotta keep going…

(Repeat the above phrases a couple of times,
you can throw in your own phrases as well, and
when you feel significant relief, move on to
the positive phrases)

Eyebrow: I chose to slow down….
Side of the Eye: I chose to breathe….
Under Eye: I am perfect as I am….
Under Nose: I can chose my own way…
Under Mouth: I don’t have to be like anyone else….
Collarbone: Society can keep going crazy, I chose
to relax…
Under the Arm: I choose whether to work more or not…
Top of the Head: It’s all within my control….

Keep tapping until you get relief!

These are just general phrases to get you started and
bring you some relief.

Make sure to pay attention to what came up for YOU.

Jot down whatever specific event, issue or memory these
phrases triggered, and then work on tapping those

I offer a complimentary consult via phone or skype to re EFT ansd Peak Performance Success Coaching with several packages available to help empower you to be your happiest, most productive self.

Comment on this blog and let me know what kind of
results you had from this tapping.  🙂

CONTACT ME FOR A FREE CONSULT: eileen@balanceandpower.com http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.

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This is what the Motivational Whisperer’s are doing- raising a banner where a banner never flew!! You can find out more and register for the Motivational Whisperer’s 10 Day Millionaire Mindset Challenge! here with the pro code #404.

See the extended  “raise a  banner where a banner never flew” quote below:

“Love as if you’ll live forever,

Work as if you have no need for money,

Dream as if no one can say no,

Have fun as if you never have to grow up,

Sing as if no one is listening,

Care as if everything depends on your caring,

And raise a banner where a banner never flew.”

Robert K. Cooper

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WOW!! I’m excited: The Balance and Power Network on BlogTalkRadio has a Fabulous Fall Line-up! www.blogtalkradio.com/eileen-lichtenstein
for schedule, guest descriptions-topics & archives
Call-in Number: (347) 215-8808 to participate with the guests and Eileen.

The Balance and Power Network on Blog Talk Radio is a venue to learn about unique and powerful ways to access goals, be happier and more productive. Several of my fabulous guests this season and on the archives are colleagues from Motivational Whisperers, a premiere on line community of self & business help – development gurus in various fields. If you are interested in being a guest on the radio show, please contact eileen@balanceandpower.com.

Fabulous Fall Line-up

9/8 4PM EST Stephanie Riseley is a writer, a teacher and hypnotherapist. Her book “Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality”, (Findhorn Publishing, 2008) tells the story of “my husband dying in my arms and coming back to chat”. This will be a fascinating show! stephanieriseley.com

9/15 4PM EST Carol Adams is Certified Instructor of Hypnosis and designs courses to fit your life style and goals,empowering you to start a part time or full time career as a Hypnotist or add Hypnosis to your present modality as well as worjing with individual and group hypnotherapy sessions. Carol and I will be co-facilitating a powerful Teleclass Oct.13 8PM EST- stay tuned!! http://www.yestoyoursuccess.com

9/22 4PMEST Luis Angel Diaz is author of the book “Memory in the Cells” and the founder of CMR international that is an organization that specializes in educating and training people to make positive changes in their lives using the Cellular Memory Release process. http://www.cellularmemory.org/index_english.php

10/6 4PMEST Jeff Goldberg Jeff Goldberg & Associates is committed to helping salespeople, and the organizations they work for, grow and prosper through sales training and consulting. http://www.jgsalespro.com

10/20 4PMEST Rochelle Toga-Figa is “The Sales Breakthrough Expert”, the creator of the Sales Breakthrough System™, a proven step-by-step sales process that will help you close more sales, sign on more clients and make more money with ease and velocity. www.SalesBreakthroughs.com.

11/3 4PMEST Rob Basso The Basso On Business community is inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit and helping American businesses get back on their feet www.BassoOnBusiness.com

11/17 4PMEST Tom Von Deck is the creator of foolproof, versatile and secular personal and workplace stress reduction programs and home training products. http://www.deepermeditation.net/

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