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No more jetlag.  I’m on time with yummy comidas, siestas, fiestas – this weekend is Madrid’s Saints Day with fun celebrations and traditional costumes/dances.
Galician lunch today and viewed a Queimada brewing ceremony- we didn’t partake as we were going back to Museo Thyssen…and of course my wonderful daughter Ariel and friends.  Ciao!


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A Heartwarming Song

My daughter Ariel and her boyfriend Xabi, living in Madrid  are extremely talented musically: she sings and he plays several instruments and sings.  They each have fab “dayjobs” too~
Recently she & Xabi recorded a song to be part of a wedding gift to a friend- Xabi wrote the music to another friend’s lyrics and also plays the guitar & sings with Ariel. I got permission from them to publish this & am happy to share.  Beautiful..:

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SYNCHRONICITY-SERENDIPITY-SYNERGY are wonderfully timed scenarios-circumstances; it’s fabulous that the English language provides us with these feel-good words…
Lately, my career/collaborations as well as family events and relationships are feeling that way/all good! My current involvement with The R.E.D. Team: Recharge-Empower-Develop You and Your Family (for additional insight view http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php) is a perfect example:  as I placed myself in different Long Island networking events, my intention being to meet powerful people to collaborate with :), I newly connected with my three wonderful R.E.D. Team colleagues..and subsequently learned that we are of the four Eastern/astrological signs: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. In case you’re wondering, I’m the bull-Taurus-Earth gal.

As for family, we had a wonderful celebration of our daughter Jessica’s marriage to Mark Peachy of England in a wonderful Long Island venue.  They’re living  in London, near the soccer stadium where Arsenal team plays,  in a recently restored area in Islington.  There were lots of friend/family history at our celebration,  including Mom’s Brooklyn friends whom she hasn’t been able to see in many years- and  lived in our neighborhood when I was growing up..and my friend from public school -present at the party- who knows them as well..and my brother who “played over” at their homes.. Of course my daughter Ariel and her boyfriend Xabi residing in Madrid are highlights of this time as well!   You can read more about my former personal “empty-nested” experience and giving the children “roots and wings” in my new publication SOAR!™ with Resilience.

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My trip last month was fantastic- quality-fun time with Jess who lives in London and Ariel, who flew in from Madrid to be with us (they took a few vacation days.) And Mark sometimes- Jess’s British husband. My first time flying alone to Europe since college- a landmark! and all girl talk/shopping/eating/fun Brit TV/ pubs and no schedule! And pajama parties and a show!
Highly recommended!

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I ‘ve gone nine days unconnected  – that may be my record in this phase of life. Traveling is leaving “life as you know it” behind to explore different cultures and landscapes and to refresh and renew yourself. Traveling with my husband Steve, we had wonderful five days in Mallorca with our daughters, who live in Madrid and London. The word idyllic  kept popping up in conversation re this locale~ Later in our itinerary Steve and I revisited Marakesh, Morocco after a 37 year time span from our last visit when we spent over a month there in the winter of a year of travels. We found some positive changes which I’ll write about in a stand alone blog soon.

As a seasoned traveler to foreign lands, I’d like to share –

10 Tips for Smooth Travels and Fun:

Anticipate having a wonderful time
If something goes wrong  or not according to plan, try to see the humor in it and move on.
Once you’re settled in and go exploring, allow yourself to “get lost”.
ie: don’t have your nose glued to a map.
Know key phrases in the language.
Take some downtime  everyday or a siesta to relax and recharge.
Stay unconnected  to the internet, phone, TV, newspaper for as much
and as long as possible.
Bring home meaningful mementos-souvenirs-photos.
Compromise as much as possible with your travel mate(s) – After all,
you came to have a good time and probably have tickets home together –

Eileen has been featured in Long Island Newsday, Business Section 6/15:
“Amazingly, the reporter contacted me as I was packing for this European trip! I was happy to share-”
Preparing to get away on vacation — Newsday.com
There’s rarely ever a good time to take a vacation when you’re a small-business owner.That’s why many owners just don’t get away, or if they do, they end up taking long weekends or taking some free time.

You’re invited to view my Online Vacation Photos: Photo Gallery. Enjoy!
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