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I’ve always gone out of my way to help others – including strangers.  So whenever other’s kindness is directed to me, I actually wonder if it’s a Karma thing – or simply good folks being nice! Probably a combination.  Anyway,  there I was in Amsterdam last week visiting with family, temporarily separated from my husband since we had a mix-up exiting the tram. So…a lovely women verbally guided me to the next stop, and I did not run into him.  Then sitting down in the noon sun in The Spui (square) – next to young friendly Amsterdammers who listened well and advised me to wait 15 minutes before heading back to where we were staying. So, just as my fifteen minutes was over Steve appeared having retraced his steps from the tram stop – no cell phones activated. Image

A few years ago we were separated abroad in a much scarier scenario – I disembarked the ferry boat too soon – still in Asia not Istanbul yet – as I was on the dock level just exited the restroom and it appeared everyone was leaving!  I was beside myself (didn’t know EFT yet to release my anxiety).. Long story short, a young mom who spoke English called the hotel, got directions and guided me to a different ferry and directions when to get off and how to get to the hotel.  An hour later Steve showed up (crazed) very relieved and happy to see me there in the lobby waiting his arrival.

Lessons learned: 

~ALWAYS have a cell emergency activation even if its an English speaking country

~If you’re traveling with someone, stay with them no matter what!!  On the boat if I had gone back up to the deck where we were seated he was there. On the tram, I needed to look back and not think he was behind me.

~ Always carry the address and phone # of where you are staying. (I did that).

Do you have any travel mishaps and/or “kindness of strangers” stories to share?

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I love when stuff is in-my-face karma! This has happened very recently and beyond, and is still manifesting after an introduction last year. Both of these are biz related and about being totally letting go of competitiveness, that is, going with the philosophy that “there’s enough to go around”- which is in total harmony with “abundance” theories.
So here is the telling:)
Tonight I gave a talk in a local bookshop in Long Island (that is now carrying my newly published book, SOAR! with Resilience: http://www.balanceandpower.com/soarwithresilience.php) to a well attended group of   singles- organized by a singles event planner  who won my raffle for a complimentary coaching session at a well attended networking venue…
2) at the beginning of the year, a colleague, who I invited to collaborate with me in LI Head Start trainings at a Staff Development-Conference venue “passed” me on to a CUNY(City University of NY) rep. I am currently doing trainings and have had advance group sales of my book for courses.

All good! What goes around comes around:)

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“At the moment you consciously make a choice, pay attention to how you feel.”

From The Law of Karma

We all find ourselves at times walking the edge between this and that, yes and no. . When you make a decision and you have a sense of “relief” you know it’s a right choice. Intuitive “hits” come in many forms- from sensory images, physical feelings and auditory and olfactory clues. When you are open to receiving and noticing “signs”, it becomes progressively easier to trust your intuition. The optimal receptive “state” has being “grounded” for a prerequisite. For instant grounding, connect with nature: take a walk, meditate at the ocean, listen to the birds, gaze at a flower. Spring is the perfect season to jumpstart your intuition. Or listen to a guided meditation, which you may listen to on the Moving Meditation(R) Fitness audio program.  The following tips help access your intuition are most effective when practiced on a daily basis:

• Be Quiet: Take time out every day to experience some form of stillness and silence. Calm your mind chatter with deep breathing or meditation. Releasing your need to know, analyze and think will allow intuition to work.
• Trust and Look for Signs: Be open to seeing signs and symbols and receiving information from all around you, including songs from the radio and street signs.
• Be Creative, Play!: Creativity and play partner well with intuition, as does getting into the “zone” with cardio exercise. Whenever you “lose track of the time and move into a “flow state” intuitive guidance may be at work.
• Take Risks and notice your intuitive hits happen!
• Be Inquisitive:When you ask yourself questions, you open to clarity and insight. The answers lie within us- get out of your own way so that the answers can surface and trust yourself.
• Write: Writing allows information and insight to come forth from your inner self. Take time to journal-or blog everyday. Connect moments of gratitude, synchronistic events and affirmations through writing.


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