5 Ways You Can Be Happier & INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES

There are really five ways you can be happier- there is an  abundance of research on happiness and positive psychology documents this. Happy people generally are more forgiving, helpful, and charitable, having better self-control, and are more tolerant of frustration than unhappy people.  A 30 percent increase in one spouse’s happiness boosts the other spouse’s … More 5 Ways You Can Be Happier & INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES

Resilience + Hope = Optimism!

I’m a co-contributor – author of Contagious Optimism and we did a radio show about this!  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/eileen-lichtenstein/2013/06/24/soar-with-resilience-contagious-optimism Contagious Optimism (publisher: Viva Editions) is an uplifting book series that helps people look past the tough times they may be experiencing and instead see that there is always something positive ahead of them. We call this “Positive Forward Thinking.” The … More Resilience + Hope = Optimism!

Hold Hope

When we hold hope or sadness, pathways appear in the brain to support that sadness or hope; that’s been documented. The same thing happens at a cellular level. When we consistently hold an emotion, a large amount of related hormones are released to every cell. In other words, your brain and every cell of your … More Hold Hope

Finding Your Purpose

An article published in today’s Sunday April 9 Newsday written by Rabbi Marc Gellman of the “God Squad” titled “Finding your purpose on life’s solitary journey” included a few powerful inspirational quotes that I will share with you here: “Lonliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” – Mother Teresa “Many … More Finding Your Purpose

Fun in Nerja!

 We had a lovely apartment with a great view of the town & sea. We went to a secluded beach yesterday, hiking down one mile to the shore..Xabi & Steve walked up to get the car and drive us up- no parking allowed on that road. Lot’s of sun; the mediteranean was too cold to go … More Fun in Nerja!