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 HOLISTIC HEALTH EXPO   Sunday, June 29th at VFW, Albertson, NY

155 Searingtown Rd., from 11-5:30pm. Only 7 dollars for the public!Image

Experience the following:

Dr. Perry Frankel offering Preventive Cardiac testing, The Four Vital Tests That Can Save a Life (Bring insurance cards.), Miriam: FREE Chair Massage and MELT,  Eileen: FREE consults on EFT, career, life challenges, FREE e-book Overcome Overwhelm Now,  Dawn: FREE food and product label reading consults, Dr. Tom and Dr. Shelby : FREE health consults, Penny: FREE essential oil consults, Ausra: FREE Reiki and EFT, Carol, Whole Food and EMF Safety Products, Dr. Lee and Amy: Ki Energy Treatments, Ashley: Natural Divine Skin Care, Michele and Laurie: NYR Organic Health and Beauty Products, Ann Marie:, HealthEHabitats, Michele: Arbonne Skin Care , and much more!

Speakers from 12-5:30pm

12:30pm Ausra Savukyne: How to Cut Stress Levels in Half

1pm Keynote Speaker: Nanci Deutsch:  THE POWER OF INTUITION.

1:30pm, Anthony and Mindy: Usui Reiki Energy Healing with Positive Affirmations for Amazing Health and Well-Being 

2pm, Janna: Creating Possibility, Flow, Miracles and Magic,

2:30pm Eileen:Extraordinary Healing with EFT,

3pm Dr.  Frankel: Four Vital Cardiac Tests that Can Save a Life


4pm: Neelam: Amazing Ayurvedic Medicine and Sujok Therapy

5:00 Carol and Penny: Creating Optimal Health with Young Living Essential Oils, Excellent Whole Food Nutrition and How to Stay Healthy While Using Technology

Bring family members and friends!


Limited vendor tables and speaker spots available. Contact Carol Leitner, MBA, Health Care Administration, at carolleitner1@gmail.com or at 516 242 8270 with any questions!




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I had anxiety abt going to the periodontist today (of course, tapping helped) since I had finished a course of antibiotics that I struggled thru stomach upsets with while on vacation, which were much indicated or maybe not according to the peri, to help reduce infammation after gum surgery that went somewhat awry and left me w/a bone sticking out no healing gum around it (several years ago I had heard from an oral surgeon abt the remote possibility of this happening, maybe impacted by taking Boniva or Fosomax which I had stopped at the time for several months under his advisement). Well, the other mormning, while savoring a spoonful of oatmeal, I felt whatseemed like something unoatmeal like in my mouth. It turned out to be a bone sliver. After that, my mouth felt great. Doctor said today it is all healed; I had a cleaning and am continuing Boniva manana~ keep the faith!

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