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Facilitated Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., Certified EFT Practitioner and CEO Balance & Power, Inc.

This interactive workshop will help you understand stress and the challenges unique to moms. Learn how to reduce its impact in your life with EFT!

When: September 10, 2014 7-9PM

Location: Tanglewood Nature Preserve in Rockville Centre
1 Tanglewood Road Rockville Center 11570 (Off of Ocean Avenue and Peninsula)

Holistic Moms Network: Nassau County (South Shore) Chapter
Holistic Moms on Facebook

    • National non-profit organization


  • “A group of conscious and open-minded parents who love to support each other and provide outlets for the community of our families”

If you are a mom and are struggling with negative emotions such as anger, guilt, tiredness or need help with motivation or dealing with the in-laws modality is for you! Even the best moms struggle with these issues. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens you will find EFT an amazing tool to relieve negative emotions and enjoy your role as a mom.

Each workshop participant will receive Eileen’s eBook:
Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT
Conquer Procrastination, Phobias and Fear of Public Speaking

Questions? Contact Ali: ajp579@hotmail.com


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Whether you are hosting a family dinner or traveling to one, you may find yourself experiencing some feelings of anxiety or apprehension in preparation for the holiday gathering. This is especially true for “caregivers” and those in the “sandwich” generation- Here are my  EFT tapping scripts for 1)Holiday Stress Relief  and  added one 2) for Caregivers.  You may find the tapping points and my intro to EFT (short) video here:  balanceandpower.com/eft.php 


1)  EFT for Holiday Stress Relief:


Before you get started, choose a number 1-10 (10 the highest) your perceived rate of stress on this topic

Here is my simple tapping script for this:

Set up phrase (karate chop or massage on upper chest).


-Even tho I am feeling soo stressed about going to __ for the holidays, I fully and deeply love & respect myself


-Even tho I know this happens to me every year and it’s ridiculous to become so stressed, I fully and deeply love and respect myself.


-Even tho I know the holidays are about gratefulness & peace (inner and outer!)) and I feel full of dread, I know I can get thru this.


round of tapping (see points in link above): so stressed with holidays


round of tapping: being grateful


round of tapping: get thru it!


check in with your stress level about the holidays and I bet it’s much lower.




2)  Caregiver EFT Holiday Stress (add on to above or stand alone)




Set up phrase:


-Even tho I feel like I’m being pulled in 10 directions and may be losing my mind I fully and deeply love and respect myself.


– Even tho I’ll feel guilty if I don’t visit, am not with ___on TG, I fully and deeply love and respect myself.


– Even though I really want to spend TG with__ and I’m having dinner for (or going to)____, I fully and deeply love and respect myself.


round of tapping: 10 directions


round of tapping: losing my mind


round of tapping: guilt


2 rounds of tapping: I’ll be OK


round of tapping: ____ (subject of caregiving) will be fine


round of tapping:  once a year




Now, check in with your stress level about the holidays and I bet it’s much lower. Repeat this everyday.  You may substitute words as needed. Visualize positive celebrations, take time for yourself and keep up the gratefulness lists. 




Need guidance? Contact me for a free telephone consult: www.balanceandpower.com  









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