Achieving Balance

Personal balance is different for everyone. It has to do with where you are starting and where you want to be…It depends on what your responsibilities (or perceived ones) are and the time and energy you need to allow for that and for simple and more complex pleasures.  It’s not about having equal pieces of … More Achieving Balance

Powerful Phrasing for Resilience!

 We have heard about LOA (Law of Attraction) & visualizing positive outcomes to manifest who and what we want. Most importantly, we need the action/practice component for ultimate productivity powerful positive language to become a happy habit! I’ve been revisiting this aspect of positive thinking and LOA, and am encouraging you to take this challenge … More Powerful Phrasing for Resilience!

The Art of Allowing

We create abundance by allowing it in-  letting go of resistance in the form of fear, anger and shutting down.    Each area of life must be consciously “opened” : relationshps, career, financial, spiritual, health, recreational.  We can do this by meditating with the mantra “let abundance into the area of… allow $$ to flow freely … More The Art of Allowing

Keep it Simple ©2009 Eileen Lichtenstein,

“Reduce Holiday Stress” is a favorite topic this time of year in my workshop venues. I’ve come to the personal-professional conclusion that what all participants relate to for an easier season is keeping things simple. I’m an advocate of this philosophy year round- and I think we all go through phases and times where the … More Keep it Simple ©2009 Eileen Lichtenstein,

New Bottom Line!

Are you prepared to meet the “turnaround”: the coming in of our new economy, with all the additional and new demands it will place on your time and energy? Are the employees and leadership in your company ready to demonstrate and experience optimal: • Performance • Communication • Creativity • Stress Levels • Anger and … More New Bottom Line!