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Do you know what your intuitive “cues” or “clues” from your power center – usually the gut – are?  A pang in your gut when you may be doing the wrong thing, or a vibrant zing when your body approves, can guide you reliably at times when logic fails. Sometimes, when logic prevails, we ignore our gut and live to regret it, understanding later that a rational approach is only one way of determining what is going on in a situation and how we can react.

Our gut resides in the neighborhood of our solar plexus just above your belly button. When it is functioning well, we can trust its guidance and adjust our actions accordingly. Many of us have a tendency to hold in this area of our bodies. We may take shallow breaths that never reach this vital center that is the source of our empowerment. It is in this place that we find the courage to act and be assertive. When our power center is out of balance, we are timid and out of sync, wishing we had said something we were only able to phrase later when we were alone; wishing we had acted on an opportunity we didn’t see until it was past.
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In order to trust and utilize your power center more consistently, you may want to focus your attention on it regularly and make time to care for it. You can begin right now by taking a deep breath into your belly. On the exhale, pull your navel in toward your spine so as to empty out completely before taking another deep breath into your belly. When you empty completely, you release stagnant energy and create more space to be filled with fresh, nourishing breath. The more you practice this simple exercise, the more clear and communicative your feelings will be and the more comfortable you will feel acting on them.

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Another way to nourish your power center is with EFT tapping.  When working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we close a round with three strong power breaths. The combination is double empowering and a perceived fear factor can go from 9 to 1 in a short amount of time – and then you’re ready to rock!!

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Borrowing Benefits EFT Groups      Location: 433 Maple Avenue, Westbury, New York 11590
with Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career

Please determine which available date works best for you.

Tuesday, Sept 15, 2015  Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015  Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Tuesday, Nov 10, 2015  Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015  Time: 7:00pm – 9:00pm


Cost: Individual Sessions $50 each      10% discount for Veterans and their families
[Small groups, Advance Registration Required]
Credit Cards accepted via telephone. Paypal: http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php

  • Release stress and resolve issues!
  • Build confidence!
  • Overcome fears!

Contact Eileen Now for a Complimentary Telephone Consult
516 623 4353 eileen@balanceandpower.com
Anger Management Group 3 Hrs with Eileen Lichtenstein, Certified Anger Management Specialist.  Accepted by the courts.
Saturdays, Sept 19, Oct 10, Nov.12,Dec 12  Time: 10am – 1pm    $150 each date


Advance Registration only. Contact Eileen Now for a Complimentary Telephone Consult
516 623 4353 eileen@balanceandpower.com

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1. Choose a belief to release and write it.  You may want to consider: What was its old purpose? Who in your life used to say it, or imply it? What made their statements true for you at that time? How has that “truth” affected your life? Just be sure to stay present, looking at your old belief with compassion for yourself.

2. Challenge your belief! Write down, and take time to acknowledge, all the life experiences that you have had that actually PROVE your old belief is not true. This may be in the form of compliments that you have received, promotions at work, loving relationships, etc.
3. Identify your desired outcome.  Write down all your desired outcomes relating to replacing the old belief. Choose one outcome that most powerfully represents who you would be if you had that outcome.

4. Ask yourself: “What am I willing to do to make these changes?” You can always get ideas and reinforcement from professional guidance and support in one-on-one sessions or group programs. You really don’t have to go it alone in your life, and the belief that “you should” is in itself a disempowering belief!

5. Learn EFT and “tap on it”.  ebook-cover-eft-web

Love, respect yourself and believe you deserve…and  the challenges will actually help you learn and grow, not wear you down. Remember, you are lovable, capable and worthwhile.  You are enough!

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I love collaborative flow!

I’m fortunate to be in an old fashioned successful barter with David E. Feldman that speaks well of both our strengths.

His testimonial of my coaching/EFTtapping work with him can be seen here: http://www.balanceandpower.com/testimonials.php

I’m thrilled to have his talents displayed producing 2 videos for me and one more EFT clip coming soon!

http://www.balanceandpower.com/index.php          http://www.balanceandpower.com/workshops.php

I’m excited about collaborative efforts with Tildet Varon manifesting 3/15 with our workshop:

 Be You, Gain Your Power!       @ 433 Maple Ave. (lower level) Westbury,NY             

   Event date / time: Sunday Mar-15-2015 2:00pm

You may see details and register with this link: (Thank you David Alexander) https://www.opalcomputing.com/org/regandmem/register.cfm?eventid=777

Keep SOARing!

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. 
Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career!
From Balance & Power, Inc:

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How do you feel when an understanding friend quietly listens to you with love and sincere interest? This may be the polarity of how it felt sometime when you were really upset about something, began to share, and the “listener” shut you off or interrupted to give you suggestions.  A person who listens with loving interest and respect helps us process our emotions.  When another accepts our emotions (without judgment) it has the effect of giving us permission to accept our own emotions and feeling empowered to process and resolve the issue.

Active listening is a gift of time and love.  Active listening is actually reflecting back the content or emotions of what is being said., and truly listening with interested silence when not doing that.

This applies to children and teens too!  A child who is really upset about something will usually begin to calm down after a few active listening responses.  Teens frequently move rapidly from anger to talking about feelings and usually begins to calm down with a one to four active listening responses!

Active Listening is a skill that takes practice and is worthwhile practicing!

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What are the warning signs, what characteristics of a child can we look for to be “at risk” of becoming a bully?  Sadly to observe, many adults exhibit these traits too.  The children can most likely be redirected and provided with effective coping mechanism and tools and take positive routes in the world of socialization.  Many adults are capable of learning new approaches as well; research has shown new neurological paths may be created and that it’s almost always “never too late”.  It’s been my experience that when I work with adults, that to change ingrained patterns of bullying or almost any behaviors, they must have a strong intention to change.  I’ve seen amazing positive results working with children, youth and adults as a certified  anger management specialist and empowerment-success expert when there is this intention.  Here are clues to watch out for, the warning signs of becoming a “bully”:

  • Appears to enjoy  being powerful and respected with fear
  • Equates being powerful and respected with fear
  • Is skilled at being sneaky
  • Blames others often
  • Shows little compassion
  • Defensive often
  • Defiant and oppositional
  • Huge attention seeking with negative behavior
  • Impulsivity
  • Lack of coping skills 

Learn how to manage anger and stress and help the “bullies” you know cope:

 Call for a complimentary 20 minute phone consult 516 623 4353 or  balanceandpower








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People notice their anger levels lowering when feelings of empowerment and self esteem rise.   It feels great knowing you are “in charge” of your response; the opposite of feeling “overwhelmed” or highly stressed, which contributes to high levels of frustration and can easily lead to anger. Anger is a natural human emotion – we all get angry- and that’s okay- it’s about coping with it before it becomes inappropriate. Learning to how to be more flexible in how we deal with the frustrations and stresses of our lives has many advantages. Stress and anger are not good to our immune system and can cause conditions and disease. Effective relationships are based on good communication without inappropriate anger coming through; a feeling of empowerment from the communicator is necessary for that to occur. 

We’ve all heard people say “My friends tell me I am just too hard on myself”, ”I’m such a loser”, or “I’m so stupid to make these mistakes.” This negative self-talk can and needs to be turned around to eradicate feelings of shame, which may stem from childhood- perhaps a parent, teacher or peers saying these negative statements. An important tool in dealing with angry feelings and growing feelings of empowerment is that of eliminating that negative conversation with yourself. An alternate response when someone “puts you down” is not to take it personally – difficult to do and very attainable. It takes conscious effort and practice. Don Miguel Ruiz discusses this strategy in his self-help book “The Four Agreements”.
Holding a grudge, against another or yourself, is letting the offender (or your “dark side”) live rent free in your head. Making the decision to “let go” (while still creating a protective shield/filter for ourselves) is often a process of forgiveness—or at least acceptance—and is a major step toward anger control, increased self-esteem and empowerment.

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