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This is the course which so many people have been asking for. You will be taught the basics of EFT and learn how to use it on yourself, your family and friends. In fact, once you’ve taken this course, you will be comfortable enough to help almost anyone who is in pain, has an emotional issue or needs your help. There is lots of hands-on practice.

EFT is sweeping the world. Healthcare Professionals and Coaches are welcome! There is an emotional underpinning to almost all “dis-ease” and EFT can help.

The cost of the workshop is $99 and it is limited to 12 people so that everyone will get personalized attention throughout the day. This workshop usually sells out quickly, so if you want to attend, please make sure to make your reservations as soon as possible.

Find out more: http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php

Register PayPal to eileen@balanceandpower.com and 516 623 4353

Register Now: http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php


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I spent yesterday and this AM with a friend who was given medical results 2 days ago that her (cervical) cancer is terminal. She laughingly refers to herself as “the bag lady”, as she’s had kidney problems on this journey and also has a wrapped leg due to lyphodema. She’s in so much better spirits than I could imagine, and talked about the full life she’s lived. At 7:00 AM she told me stories of her her magical mushroom experience in Peru 2 years ago, skydiving and her Peak Potential and Landmark Education experiences… Yesterday was momentous for her- she released her ex-husband and all his negative energy together with her bit of hope for a friendly-adult relationship- due to a timely email from him that didnt ask about how she was feeling-doing, only addressed practical $$ issues. Her 23 year old wise woman daughter was present also, and happy to see her mom make peace with as she perceived it, an awful relationship. So it goes…

We talked, we tapped (EFT), we ate simply and slept peacefully.
My friend is grateful for her karma and the lives she’s lived. She expressed this may be her last time on earth and she is ready . Her “bucket list” has been checked, her papers are in order, and she will live her remaining days being present for herself, her three children, grandson and friends who love her dearly.
This afternoon, I connected her with networking friends who can help her with homecare and alternative holistic modalities. She is grateful, and is open to possiblilities. My friend has not “surrendered” and is in complete acceptance of her condition; her emotional strength, spirit and insight is amazing.

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