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Do you know what your intuitive “cues” or “clues” from your power center – usually the gut – are?  A pang in your gut when you may be doing the wrong thing, or a vibrant zing when your body approves, can guide you reliably at times when logic fails. Sometimes, when logic prevails, we ignore our gut and live to regret it, understanding later that a rational approach is only one way of determining what is going on in a situation and how we can react.

Our gut resides in the neighborhood of our solar plexus just above your belly button. When it is functioning well, we can trust its guidance and adjust our actions accordingly. Many of us have a tendency to hold in this area of our bodies. We may take shallow breaths that never reach this vital center that is the source of our empowerment. It is in this place that we find the courage to act and be assertive. When our power center is out of balance, we are timid and out of sync, wishing we had said something we were only able to phrase later when we were alone; wishing we had acted on an opportunity we didn’t see until it was past.
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In order to trust and utilize your power center more consistently, you may want to focus your attention on it regularly and make time to care for it. You can begin right now by taking a deep breath into your belly. On the exhale, pull your navel in toward your spine so as to empty out completely before taking another deep breath into your belly. When you empty completely, you release stagnant energy and create more space to be filled with fresh, nourishing breath. The more you practice this simple exercise, the more clear and communicative your feelings will be and the more comfortable you will feel acting on them.

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Another way to nourish your power center is with EFT tapping.  When working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we close a round with three strong power breaths. The combination is double empowering and a perceived fear factor can go from 9 to 1 in a short amount of time – and then you’re ready to rock!!

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The video below introduces EFT (Emotional freedom techniques, tapping) which can be instrumental in transforming negative beliefs.


Negative beliefs about ourselves are often mean and constant, and we don’t always notice them because they are often subconcious. To help find out what your negative thoughts are, you need to write them down, or at least share them verbally with an EFT practioner.  Then you can “tap” on each thought-challenge until they are gone!

Here are a few examples of negative thoughts with “turnaround” statements next to each one.

I’m too fat.                    I’m the perfect weight for me at this time.

I don’t know enough.    I know all that I need to know right now.

I’m not good enough.   I’m perfect just as I am.

I’ll never be any good.  I’m getting better all the time.

I’m not worthy of a relationship.   I am worthy of the right relationship for me.

I’m stupid.   I’m as smart as I need to be.

I weigh too much.   I’m the perfect weight for me right now.

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anger mangement nassau countyZap your food cravings with EFT! EFT dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.

Tapping Each Day Keeps The Binges Away!

How EFT Releases Weight and Eliminates Emotional Eating:

    • Reduces stress from everyday issues that may cause you to turn to food to tranquilize anxious feelings.
    • Dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.
    • Releases cortisol (stress hormone) that become abdominal fat.
    • Banishes negative, set-in-stone beliefs and self- fulfilling expectations about food, weight, body image and hereditary factors.
    • Eliminates subconscious need to hang onto excess weight.
    • Neutralizes the emotional effects of difficult or traumatic events from the past.
    • Helps you to identify your personal overeating “triggers,” the people, places, situations or thoughts that cause
  • Zaps your food cravings with everything notated above happening!

CONTACT ME for a Free 20 minute telephone consult.

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Veterans Reintegration nassau county long islandAlmost all service members will have reactions after returning from deployment. These behaviors and feelings are normal, especially during the first weeks at home. Despite the challenges of reintegration, most service members will successfully readjust with few problems. However, seeking solutions to problems is a sign of strength. Having coping skills will positively influence your ability and attitude to handle the uncertainties of post-deployment and reintegration.

Find put more here and how to sign up for (discounted) EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)sessions for Vets & Families:


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Do you make these statements often?:   “not the right time now”   “why even bother…can happen (worst case scenario).”

Sometimes the act of “non-doing” is an indication that the idea needs to be tossed.

What holds us back from accomplishing our goals is fear.

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being judged
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of being controlled

These fears are often caused by deeply routed anxieties.  No matter- you can turn it all around with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques: Meridian Tapping) combined with positive language-visualization reframing techniques and the intention to do just that!

 If these kind of things keep happening to you, you have a problem:

  • If you’ve experienced painful consequences as a result of putting things off or not finishing projects.
  • If you are sick and tired of being late with deadlines
  • If your friends, coworkers or loved ones get upset with you because you don’t follow through with projects or promises.

The following are common phrases/excuses people often use when they are procrastinating:

The task is:

“too boring”

“too time consuming”

“I just don’t feel like it”

“I just don’t want to”.

Good news!  Here are some tips to Reverse Procrastination: 

  • Step back and reframe the situation; visualize the action as a positive outcome.
  • Outline the steps needed to complete the project.
  • Create realistic timelines and write short and long term goals; breaking down the task into reasonable “time chunks”.
  • Allow new ideas to “percolate”.
  • Learn The EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), wonderfully successful in  reversing procrastination, as usually deeper emotional issues are involved.  This technique is described below.

Knowing that you are afraid will not magically remove fear or change behavior.  You can use The EFT Technique  to eradicate the roadblocks of guilt and fear that keep you from moving forward!  When you use EFT (Emotional Freedom technique, Tapping) and stimulate specific acupressure points the level of serotonin in the brain rises and floods the amygdala, the section of the brain involved with controlling emotion and fear, and the fear loop is disconnected.  Once the brain stops experiencing fear with the proper EFT tapping, including set-up phrases (see below examples) and intuitive NLP language guidance from an experienced EFT Practitioner, you will find that your thoughts and behaviors transform effortlessly.  You can use EFT to tap away feelings of guilt, shame or rebellion surrounding your fear factor.  Some of the “have-to’s” turn into choose to’s!  Use EFT to eradicate the roadblocks of doubt that keep you from moving forward!  Before you do the EFT, “take your temperature “on the issue- what is your level of distress with the procrastination or the level of procrastination itself, 10 being the highest.  After completing 3 rounds of EFT, see your score.  Tap on the specific issue daily, until it gets done or you decide to toss it.

Here are a few EFT “set up phrases” that can be helpful in working with procrastination:

  • “Even though I am procrastinating about…, I know it’s important and I can get it done.”
  • “Even though I keep putting off doing…I choose to get started today.”
  • “Even though I am resisting..I know I can do it.”

The set-up phrase is said as you tap on the karate chop point or the “sore spot”.

Each additional point gets tapped on 6-8 times as the practitioner and eventually you says something about your issue.  More about Tapping       eft long islandDownload: EFT Tapping Points (pdf)

After completing three rounds of tapping, sit back, take several relaxation breaths (in through the nose, out through the nose or mouth abdomen expanding before your chest) and visualize the completed outcome of your task. Write down realistic, measurable step into goals.  Decide when you will take the first action step and stay with your plan.  When the task is completed, reward yourself!!

Positive results after several rounds of tapping need to be followed up.  Check in with yourself.  Be honest.  There’s no such thing as too much tapping, too much visualization or too much relaxation breathing (happening in a safe and healthy environmentJ).

Short term challenge:  Continue tapping on your current procrastination issue daily until you are satisfied with your action steps.

Long Term Challenge: Take time every day to go over your goals and reprioritize when necessary.  Notice if any there is anything new being procrastinated about and tap on that for several days until you are satisfied with the results.

More about EFT here

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Social Media and Eating Disorders ~ by Gemma Bonner

Eating disorders affect up to 24 million people of all ages and gender in the US. They have the highest mortality rate of any mental condition, making greater awareness, early diagnosis and receiving treatment, vital. The most commonly known eating disorders include anorexia nervosa (which involves extreme calorie counting/starvation),bulimia nervosa (involving alternating episodes of bingeing and purging), though in the last few years, additional disorders have been identified, including binge eating disorder (in which bingeing is not necessarily followed by purging) and EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified, in which sufferers may display some, but not all, of the characteristic behaviors associated with another eating disorder).

There are many causes for eating disorders; recent has shown that they can include problematic family relationships, psychological issues and genetics. The media and the unrealistic body images they portray used to be blamed for the sharp rise in eating disorders in the 1970s and 1980s though researchers have since discovered that the causes of disorders are far more complex and difficult to identify. Moreover, each person with an eating disorder is a world unto his own, since a variety of factors can work together to cause or exacerbate the problem.

The media may not be solely to blame, yet pressure to conform to specific body types does cause its share of harm. The theme of the recently held 2015 International Conference for Eating Disorders was ‘Communication’, since studies have shown that Facebook use is linked to strong body dissatisfaction. There are many reasons why, despite the fact that social media do not cause eating disorders per se, they can exacerbate symptoms or even trigger a relapse. For one, social media leads to self-objectification and inevitable comparison. The media sexually objectifies women, note researchers of an important study on social media use and body image in women, because it focuses on looks instead of personality or accomplishments/ abilities. Women can learn to view their body as an object to be observed; indeed, research has shown that exposure to the thin ideal leads to greater self objectification in young women. This can lead to body shame and anxiety, which in turn can spur on depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and eating disorders.

Social media sites like Facebook can make women feel objectified in very specific ways. Facebook is very image-dependent, with the site boasting an arsenal of 250 billion images in 2013 alone. Facebook is appearance-focused, owing to the tendency of users to upload photos, and receive Likes and comments regarding their appearance. Studies have shown that the more time one spent on Facebook, the stronger the tendency to objectify oneself. Moreover, the site not only exposes users to images of celebrities, but also to images of their friends and colleagues, which can promote even deeper degrees of comparison, since friends tend to have more ‘attainable’ body images than celebrities. Studies have also pointed to the tendency of Facebook users to compare images of themselves in the present and the past, which also contributes to self-objectification. Although most studies have focused on women, body objectification is also suffered by men, with studies showing that many males are underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed, because of the false perception that eating disorders are ‘a female issue’.

The relationship between self objectification and a greater risk of eating disorders has been accepted by specialists in the field. This is an important step into understanding the nature of eating disorders, since it shows that how we feel about ourselves, our own feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt and self blame, can become a block to full recovery. One of the top therapies used to treat eating disorders is Maudsley Therapy, which involves the whole family working together to support the person recovering. The first step in Maudsley lies in regaining lost weight. Afterwards, as the person gains more independence over what they eat, the key is to help them make the right choices. Yoga, mindfulness meditation and EFTapping are important complementary therapies which can help lower stress levels (thereby reducing the chances of relapse) and unblock powerful sentiments like anger, fear and resentment, which can impact those recovering on a physiological and psychological level. Because EFTapping helps us discover what body and mind need, it is an excellent way for those with eating disorders to learn the powerful, positive effect that good food can have on their lives.

Do you want to tap and learn mindfulness meditation with Eileen to conquer your eating disorder?: http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php 

FREE phone consult : 516 623 4353  eileen@balanceandpower.com  


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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping) reduces stress hormone cortisol levels more than any other intervention tested to date states a study with randomized control methods published in the prestigious Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, the oldest peer-reviewed psychology journal in the United States. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) lowered the major stress hormone cortisol significantly more than other interventions tested.The human body is designed to release cortisol only at times of physical danger, to help the body mobilize to fight or flee from that threat. The level of cortisol and other adrenal hormones such as adrenaline are supposed to subside when the danger passes. The human body is not meant to live in a constant deluge of cortisol and adrenaline. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening to many people in today’s stressful world. Most are not responding to physical danger but to traffic, work worries, financial problems, and the myriad other stresses of modern life. Continually elevated cortisol levels are known to contribute to a range of physical and psychological problems, including fatigue, weakened immunity, anxiety, depression, digestive and metabolic problems, obesity, and even diseases such as diabetes, Cushing’s syndrome, and cardiovascular disease.

EFT is a noninvasive technique that pairs the recall of emotional upsets (a form of exposure therapy, a common method in psychology) with physical stimulation of specific points on the body to discharge stress (as identified by thousands of years of use in acupuncture). The physiological mechanisms of action of EFT have been documented in a number of studies and review articles. These demonstrate that EFT affects several of the body’s regulatory systems, including the brain and endocrine systems.

Unlike various drugs and supplements touted to lower cortisol, EFT has no side effects. And unlike the “cortisol blockers” that have flooded the market as the negative effects of elevated cortisol have become more widely known, EFT does not strip the body of cortisol’s precursor molecules, which are used for cell repair when we are in a relaxed state.

Learn more about EFT 

What people are saying about Eileen Lichtenstein and EFT

“Eileen Lichtenstein’s wealth of experience and knowledge of executive coaching combined with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) have created a positive life energy within me to help get on the road to achieving my goals and dreams. Thanks Eileen!”
– Dr. Bruce Kesten, Kinesiology Chiropractor, Baldwin, NY
First time on a plane in 23 years. First time on a plane clean/sober in 45. Thank you Eileen Lichtenstein and EFT”.
– David E. Feldman, Executive Producer, LongIslandNY.tv & ReallyBig.tv Partner, eFace Media

“Dear Eileen, We wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with our chapter of The Holistic Moms network. Not only was your presentation enlightening and informative for our members, but it was also fun! You allowed the space for us to connect to one another while delving into our own hearts. Thank you for giving us direction and teaching us a practical way to incorporate EFT into our lives as busy mothers! The impact of what you do is far reaching. When peace occurs in our homes, it branches out into our community and beyond. With much gratitude!”
Ali, Robyn and the Nassau South Shore Holistic Moms Network

Eileen was excellent at explaining this simple, yet profound healing technique that often has immediate results. And also importantly, Eileen was highly skilled at guiding us through our EFT healing processes. Her verbiage revealed her years of professional and eclectic experience in the field of holistic health.”
– Carol Leitner, MBA, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Baruch College / Marketer Holistic Doctors and Practitioners, Health Expo and Events Planner / Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Chair Yoga, Thai Yoga Bodyworker

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