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If you are a mom and are struggling with negative emotions such as anger, guilt, tiredness or need help with motivation or dealing with the in-laws, this modality is for you! Even the best moms struggle with these issues. Whether your kids are toddlers or teens, this book is an ongoing tool to relieve negative emotions and enjoy your role as a mom.

Emotional Freedom Technique image008also known at EFT/ tapping is the talk of the day. This amazing new discovery is based on the body’s energies and a simple statement that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy system. It may be explained as the modern version of acupuncture without the needles and acupressure without pain, used in conjunction with peak performance success coaching.

Some of The Benefits That Emotional Freedom Technique Deals With:
Confidence and Self-Esteem ~ Stress, Anxiety ~ Anger ~ Weight Loss ~ Cravings ~ ~ ADHD, ADD ~Phobias~ Procrastination~ Communication Breakdown~ Exhaustion~ Physical Conditions

I work with individuals and present to Mother’s Groups
My Groups are being formed now in Suffolk County and Garden City, NY.
Call for a FREE CONSULT: 516 623 4353 www.balanceandpower.com

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 Can losing your temper cause heart problems? Yes, the evidence is in.  Frequent anger causes heart disease.

A recent study conducted a meta-analysis of nine studies performed between 1995 and 2013. The authors looked at risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke, and abnormal heart rhythms during the two hours after an anger outburst.

  1. Myocardial infarction. There was a 4.74 times higher risk of experiencing a heart attack or severe chest pain from a nearly occluded coronary artery following an anger outburst.
  2. Stroke. There was a 3.63 times higher risk of having a stroke from a blood clot to the brain or bleeding within the brain during the 2 hours after an anger outburst. For people with an aneurysm of one of the arteries in the brain, there was a 6.3 times higher risk of rupturing this aneurysm following an outburst of anger.
  3. Abnormal heart rhythms from the lower heart chambers (ventricular arrhythmias).  Abnormal ventricular rhythms from the lower heart chambers can lead to cardiac arrest if they are fast and sustained. In regards to these abnormal heart rhythms, following an outburst of anger there was a 1.85 times higher rate of abnormal ventricular arrhythmias during the first 15 minutes. Although with time this risk lowered, during the next 2 hours there still was a noticeably higher risk of 1.35 times the normal rate.

A pattern of unmanaged anger on a daily basis is really a problem for your heart and body. For people who experience up to five episodes of anger outbursts a day, the rate of experiencing a heart attack, stroke, or abnormal heart rhythm is dramatically increased. This increased risk is independent of all the other known causes of heart disease. For example, if you have no other risk factors for heart disease, such a high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc., poor anger control increases your risk by 5 percent. If you have many traditional risk factors for heart disease, poor anger control increases your risk to 20 percent.

This study further expands our understanding of how emotions and mood can affect our entire body. Anger outbursts are common and can significantly impact your heart health. If you struggle with anger, seek help not only for those around you, but also for your own well being.

There are many ways to help with anger control and our natural responses to stressful situations. Your heart is depending on your good sense in seeking help.  You may contact me for a FREE phone consult and we can work via video skype, phone, Image

in my Long Island offices or on your site.   As a certified Anger Management Specialist, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner,  success coach for work/life and educator, I have helped thousands manage stress and anger.  Allow me to help you!






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We know that was Alfred E. Newman from “Mad Magazine” and everyone went around saying it.
The thing is- worrying is an energy vampire- and we are human- so many of us are “worriers” even when we know better.. below are some stats to back that up; did you know that:
40% of worrying is about things that will never happen
30% of worrying is over things that can’t be changed
10% of worrying is over health (which only gets worse when you worry)
We spend 92% of our time and energy worrying about things that:
1. We have no control over
2. We can’t possibly change
3. We have misperceptions about

Worrying is like stepping on the gas pedal while the car is in neutral: we create a lot of noise, use energy and don’t go anywhere! EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) works extraordinarily well to overcome anxiety, fear and worry.  Learn more about EFT: http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php and my NEW! Summer Series in Baldwin for July-August and one:one trainings http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.  If you have a group at your location, I will be happy to facilitate there.  I’ve just returned from a wonderful EFT-ADV continuing education training in Nyack, NY, and am excited to share new techniques and reliable tried and true ones!  I know that I’m a “worrier” and that EFT is miraculous!  as are other techniques that I combine with Peak Performance Success Coaching in my venues.
Even if you’ve had worry role models all your life, and/or a genetic predisposition towards anxiety, you can reset your M.O. and create new mind-body patterns with repetition and practice and a good teacher-coach.  It’s never too late!

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