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I just got a preview look at the Tapping
Insiders Club 2.0 from Nick and Jessica Ortner
and I have to say: WOW! 

If you haven’t heard about the club (it’s been
all the buzz!), it’s an incredible resource
designed to bring you information on a huge
variety of topics regarding tapping.  

More importantly, it’s designed to get you results
in your life. 

There is a TON of content in the club, in both
video and audio format.  It ranges from in-depth
hour long interviews, to shorter 20-30 minute
interview, to 5-7 minute tap along videos.  

They’ve lowered the regular price for their
2.0 celebration and I don’t know how
long that will last!

Check it out here now:

Whatever challenges or obstacles you’re facing,
I know the answer is in one of the resources
inside the club.  

And if it’s not, you can have your questions
answered in the “Ask the Experts” section or
you can request an interview topic or video
tap along topic! 

There are so many exciting features that I can’t
get into them all in one short email, so take a
look for yourself:

Take care,

Eileen Lichtenstein

P.S. Here’s a list of the topics already inside
the club.  I know it’s long! 

Beginners Corner Intro – Learn the Basics and get Tapping Right Away!
Common Beginner Mistakes
How to Know What To Say
The Power of Questions  

Understanding the Choices Method
Clearing Your Resistance to Tapping
Simple vs. Complex
Speaking Your Truth
Using Tapping 

The Most Effective Strategies for Weight Loss and Tapping
Quickly Eliminate Cravings Tap Along
Eye-popping case studies on Tapping and TMJ Disorder
Tapping for Cancer Support – A Healing Journey
Back Pain Tapping- Find Relief Fast

Using Tapping For Cold Hands and Feet
Tapping for Muscle Cramps – Sleep at Last!
Find Relief from Arthritis Pain with Tapping Now

Click her to learn more now: 


Here’s More!

An Inside Look at Using Tapping To Quit Smoking
Quick Tips for Using Tapping to Improve Your Vision
Knee Pain and Tapping – Understanding the Messages from your body

Overcoming Insomnia Video Tap Along
OCD symptoms and Tapping
Using Tapping for PTSD – A Hopeful Look at the Possibilitie
Tapping for Parents with children with ADD/ADHD

Tapping for Insomnia – A Fresh Start
Using Tapping To Control Panic Attacks – Finding Peace Within
Your child with ADD/ADHD and Tapping

Tapping for Spouses of Veterans – A Forgotten Group Gets Help
Working with Developmentally Delayed Adults – Creative Solutions
Healing the Addicted Heart
Simple Energy Techniques for Addictions 

Click her to learn more now: 


Even More!
Healing Mother Issues with Tapping – An Emotional Journey Of Healing
The Vital Importance of Healing Mother Abandonment Issues
Tapping for Expecting Mothers – A New Paradigm Shift
Using Tapping With Children

Instantly Improve Challenges Faced by Step-Parents
Using Tapping To Help Your Child Fall Asleep – Peace At Last!
The Importance of Clearing Previous Birth Traumas

Using Tapping for Anger – Gaining Emotional Control
The Good Side of Anger Tap Along
Tapping for Gratitude

Using Tapping for Holiday Stress
Using Tapping to Attract Abundance

Click her to learn more now:

Find a topic that would help you yet? :)

The Power of Using Tapping To End Procrastination
Raise your Self-Esteem with EFT
How Your Identity Impacts Your Life

Using Tapping to Quickly Clear Clutter
Feeling Safe To Change
Personal Peace Procedure

Attracting Money Tap Along
Release the Fear of Failure Tap Along
The Easiest Way to Tap Away Marketing Fears
Overcome your Fear of Success with Tapping

Click her to learn more now: 


Last bit! 

Tapping and Corporate Success
Tapping to Find Peace While Changing Jobs
Tapping for More Clients In Your Business

Clearing Blocks Around Money – Tap Along Sessio
Understanding the Money Blocks Holding You Back
Reaching Your Goals Tap A Long – Find a Clear Path To Your Dreams 

And there’s footage never before seen footage from
the film “Try It On Everything”, Ask the Expert interviews, teleclasses and much more!


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Research shows a direct link between stress and heart disease, stroke, cancer and other life-changing illnesses. We know it lowers the immune system so that we are more susceptible to the common cold and heightened allergies. If you wait until you’re feeling stressed before you use some technique for managing stress, it may be too late. You need to have a bag of tricks that you can deploy proactively. Turning to them throughout the day changes your threshold of stress tolerance. It’s more important than ever to learn as many antistress techniques as possible, as young as possible. The biochemical response to stress is cued up as much by random, upsetting events in the environment as by negative thinking – our own or people we spend a great deal of time with – as well as trying to keep up with the fast pace and increasing demands of modern life, or mental habits like perfectionism or procrastination. There are skills and habits of mind which are beneficial to our health and reduce the negative effects of stress that cause physical illness. The development of these skills is stress-resilience training. I will be sharing an overview of techniques and strategies with you in a FREE teleclass April 1- no joke! with a three week in depth series following. In the NY Metro area, check out two wholistic wellness fairs in April that I’m involved with. I will be facilitating weekend courses at Dowling Institute and an EFT(tapping) Training http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php   at the Balance & Power Center in May. Details.. http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php

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I spent yesterday and this AM with a friend who was given medical results 2 days ago that her (cervical) cancer is terminal. She laughingly refers to herself as “the bag lady”, as she’s had kidney problems on this journey and also has a wrapped leg due to lyphodema. She’s in so much better spirits than I could imagine, and talked about the full life she’s lived. At 7:00 AM she told me stories of her her magical mushroom experience in Peru 2 years ago, skydiving and her Peak Potential and Landmark Education experiences… Yesterday was momentous for her- she released her ex-husband and all his negative energy together with her bit of hope for a friendly-adult relationship- due to a timely email from him that didnt ask about how she was feeling-doing, only addressed practical $$ issues. Her 23 year old wise woman daughter was present also, and happy to see her mom make peace with as she perceived it, an awful relationship. So it goes…

We talked, we tapped (EFT), we ate simply and slept peacefully.
My friend is grateful for her karma and the lives she’s lived. She expressed this may be her last time on earth and she is ready . Her “bucket list” has been checked, her papers are in order, and she will live her remaining days being present for herself, her three children, grandson and friends who love her dearly.
This afternoon, I connected her with networking friends who can help her with homecare and alternative holistic modalities. She is grateful, and is open to possiblilities. My friend has not “surrendered” and is in complete acceptance of her condition; her emotional strength, spirit and insight is amazing.

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