4 Myths About Anger

 Myth #1: Anger is inheritedResearch has indicated that people are not born with set, specific ways of expressing anger.  These studies show that because the expression of anger is learned behavior, more appropriate ways of expressing anger can be learned. Myth #2:  Anger Automatically Leads to Aggression It is a misconception that athe only way … More 4 Myths About Anger

Re-Cultivating Patience

I’ve been told (uh-uh!) ithat I need to revisit my patience (tolerance?) quotient.. I commented that I’ve greatly – noticeably improved over the (many) years of maturation, inner work, etc. and perhaps it’s time to recultivate this ..as I have been losing it (patience- that’s all I hope!) more easily of late- in fact just yesterday … More Re-Cultivating Patience