Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Emotional Well-Being

Researchers used to think that emotions were purely mental expressions, generated by the brain alone. We now know that this is not true; emotions have as much to do with the body as they do with the brain. Of all the bodily systems, the heart has been found to play a particularly important role in … More Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Emotional Well-Being

Eileen on The Balanced Millionaire on

Eileen Lichtenstein will be a guest on THE BALANCED MILLIONAIRE: “For High Achieving Professionals Who Want To Elevate Their Business and Maintain A Balanced Life”. OPTIMIZE YOUR INCOME & LIVE A HIGHER QUALITY OF LIFE! Learn from successful entrepreneurs how they grew their companies from the ground up and learned the hard way what it took … More Eileen on The Balanced Millionaire on

Speaking Your Truth

While it is important that we think before speaking, it’s important not to try to please everyone, which may cause us to hide or otherwise distort those ideas that will likely prove valuable. We may feel uncomfortable speaking our minds in this way because we believe that our quick-to-appear initial thoughts are yet unformed and … More Speaking Your Truth

DeStress Tips IV

DeStress Tip: Love yourself and make loving the primary expression of your life.  DeStress Tip: Listen to Moving Meditation® Fitness: These are two sections of an audio program that I produced in…  DeStress Tip: When you feel stress or anxiety try to replicate a time when you felt calm.  DeStress Tip: Be OK with “changing … More DeStress Tips IV

DeStress Tips III

DeStress Tip: Write down five things that you are proud about and stick the list in your wallet to pull out to… DeStress Tip: Emotional eating-stress a vicious cycle. You have the power to stop it! DeStress Tip: Listen well instead of reacting in anger. DeStress Tip: Be grateful always!! DeStress Tip: Make your Goals … More DeStress Tips III

Anger management, mindfulness programs are very popular in Japan as coping mechanisms

This article is adapted from the Nikkei Asian Review and found in NAMA (National Anger Management Association, my certifying organization) Newsletter JUNE 2018  You may contact me for a complimentary consult: 516 623 4353  TOKYO — Aware that they may become irritated too often amid the demanding duties of work, household chores and child care, a growing … More Anger management, mindfulness programs are very popular in Japan as coping mechanisms

Are You a Good Role Model?

I’m talking to parents, older siblings, grandparents, teachers, business managers/ceo’s and politicians.   We are each leaders, even if (now) your domain is simply your home.  Do you curse? Smile enough?  Speak and act assertively? Listen actively? Demonstrate good time skills? Step away from devices on a regular basis? Mindful and considerate of others in household, office, neighbors? … More Are You a Good Role Model?