Do you get enough sleep to be in a good mood?

I’m a certified Anger Management Specialist and receive current info and research in the arena. Recent studies and research has shown that “lack of sleep intensifies anger, impairs adaptation to frustrating circumstances” and that “sleep-restricted individuals showed a trend toward increased anger and distress, essentially reversing their ability to adapt to frustrating conditions over time.” … More Do you get enough sleep to be in a good mood?

Affirmations Help!

Affirmations can give you the strength and patience to overcome obstacles – perceived and/or real. Repeating a phrase like “This is only temporary” or “Everything has its purpose” might help you realize that whatever you experience, no matter how uncomfortable, has meaning(maybe yet unknown) and can be opportunities for growth. Affirmations are wonderful tools to … More Affirmations Help!

Stop Self-Sabotage

Procrastination is often a secondary symptom of an overfull schedule. When we procrastinate it is often self-sabotage towards success. Working through your day’s objectives, you can easily accomplish most of the tasks waiting for your attention today. As you make progress, you can build up momentum that makes moving on to the next duty much … More Stop Self-Sabotage

Realistic Expectations

Sometimes we set goals/expectations for ourselves unrealistically high which may lead to frustration, anxiety and perhaps self-anger for not living up to expectations, instead of positive feelings of achievement and success. When setting goals, try staying realistic, especially about time frames and managing time/energy such as taking exercise and relaxation breaks. Perhaps you’re procrastinating -which … More Realistic Expectations

Visualizations, Meditation, Mindfulness

NEW! Visualization Meditation Mindfulness With Eileen Lichtenstein and Debra Dixon-Anderson Join us for this complementary workshop to learn how to practice visualization, meditation, and mindfulness in our everyday lives for optimal productivity and well being. It’s the Gold Wellness Mantra. When: Thursday, June 25th, 5:00pm EST – 6:00pm EST Cost: Free Or email directly … More Visualizations, Meditation, Mindfulness

Patience, Perseverance & Persistence!

When we ​practice patience and stay determined as we work toward our goals, we work towards bypassing overwhelm (one definition of stress) or being discouraged. Our ​progress may be slower than we prefer, but consistency in our efforts is what will make the greatest difference to our eventual success. Maintaining a patient, determined mind-set will … More Patience, Perseverance & Persistence!

Reclaim Your Power and Happiness with Radical Boundaries & Radical Resilience!

An important tool to reclaim personal happiness, confidence, and well-being is boundary setting. When healthy boundaries are clearly defined through deep introspection and intuitive feeling-thinking, you can communicate them effectively with others… as they are essential to all relationships. Perhaps they haven’t been set yet due to fear, insecurities and low confidence. This can all … More Reclaim Your Power and Happiness with Radical Boundaries & Radical Resilience!

Communication is Key to Great Relationships at Home & Work

Balance & Power, Inc. NewsletterCommunicating effectively can be practiced most easily when one is grounded and centered which may be accomplished by daily exercising, eating well, getting enough sleep. Also recommended is daily meditation (short is fine:), EFTtapping, positive visualizations, smiling, laughing and being grateful – it’s impossible to feel sad in the same moment as grateful. … More Communication is Key to Great Relationships at Home & Work