The Power of Giving

Want warm glows and feelings of happiness? Try the power of giving! Research supports that the power of giving makes people feel good and that those who spend more of their income on others are happier than people who spend more on themselves. Research from neuroscience suggests these people aren’t just saying their generosity feels … More The Power of Giving

Take Joybreaks!

This can be  a very stressful time of year.   Taking “joy” and exercise-stretch breaks throughout the day clears your mind, stretches muscles and ups the endorphins (feeling good hormones) and creativity factor. Throughout your busy day as an executive (possibly Mom!) it’s important to take regular joy breaks such as stretching, deep breathing, EFT tapping, … More Take Joybreaks!

Deep Sleep Each Night Lessens Anxiety!!!

“We have identified a new function of deep sleep, one that decreases anxiety overnight by reorganizing connections in the brain,” said study senior author Matthew Walker, a UC Berkeley professor of neuroscience and psychology. “Deep sleep seems to be a natural anxiolytic (anxiety inhibitor), so long as we get it each and every night.” Here … More Deep Sleep Each Night Lessens Anxiety!!!

You can learn how to control your behavior and feel in control!

You can learn how to control your behavior, and stop trying to control someone else’s – often the case when this is happening. Almost everyone has at least one situation or relationship in which they try to exert control. This often happens because someone’s behavior makes us uncomfortable. We may feel it makes us look … More You can learn how to control your behavior and feel in control!


Changing your relationship to your thoughts and emotions, rather than trying to change their content or wishing for things to be different, to be better, is the ultimate source of power and strength. A weaker person needs things to be a certain way. The truly unstoppable person loves it all because they can make the … More Gratitude!!


Most of us do this at times, needing to know a Why” or “when”. Often, it’s best to give it some time – perhaps meditate on the wondering, and then let it go and take action. Sometimes reason’s are revealed much later or not at all… and often it is relevant to remember, as is … More Overthinking?

EFT and Guided Relaxation-Visualization Group

EFT and Guided Visualization-Relaxation Group: with Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career: Location: RXR Plaza: 405 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556 Wednesdays Sept. 18 & 25: 7-8 PM Sunday Sept. 22: 4-5 PM Advance registration only! $20 each Each participant receives Eileen’s EFT … More EFT and Guided Relaxation-Visualization Group

Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Emotional Well-Being

Researchers used to think that emotions were purely mental expressions, generated by the brain alone. We now know that this is not true; emotions have as much to do with the body as they do with the brain. Of all the bodily systems, the heart has been found to play a particularly important role in … More Cultivating a Growth Mindset and Emotional Well-Being