Especially Grateful

Yesterday I was in the ER all afternoon, taken there by ambulance after a car grazed my (left) foot causing me to fall, screaming as I bumped my lower back into the curb, deja-vu running through my mind re a severe  (right) foot being run over incident 25 years ago.  I am especially grateful that I am almost fine: crush injuries, no broken bones, not in pain now and will need to lie low for a while.  That’s fine- catch up on blogging, see my clients and go out to events that I am facilitating. No gym, extra networking etc. for a while. You may be wondering- how did this happen?  Well,  I was on the sidewalk leaving Kohl’s in Oceanside, NY (buying items for Mom at nursing home), looked left and saw the car stopped to let me go before it turned onto my path. . So I went- and wham!  The elderly driver said she didn’t see me and was driving “very fast”.

I  will advocate a stop sign crosswalk for the location in Oceanside, NY. and continue to be especially grateful.

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