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Six weeks ago I found myself a victim of a reckless driver, I was in shock, hurt and my car was wrecked.  I’m getting better slowly, thanks…

The paramedics took my vitals and I made the mistake of asking what my blood pressure reading was, as it felt like my heart was popping out of my chest with each beat.  Well, it was extremely high for me- since I run low – it was 190/130.  They told me “to relax” as we were on our short ride to the hospital.  I did a lot of relaxation breathing, focusing on that extra slow-deep inhale and exhale.  When I arrived they took it again and it was down to a reasonable reading.  Whew!  I had a very long wait until a doctor saw me and did tapping-EFT to release negative energy and relax.  My reading lowered even more.

Twelve years ago as an  adjunct professor Hofstra University in Long Island, New York I conducted my own informal research with the students in my Hatha Yoga and stress management classes.  I found it to be heartwarming and amazing to see how much intention and  tried/true techniques are powerfully amazing at lowering stress levels.

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balanceandpower-logo-sized (1) If you’re tired of feeling angry, frustrated and/or too stressed ( by personal assessment) here is  great news!:  Research has proven that we  can retrain ourselves, break old patterns and create – change our neurological wiring- without medication.  If you are already taking meds, (it is indicated for some chemical inbalances)  that’s fine- you can feel even better and happier!

The biggest factor for successful personal development is being motivated and having a strong intention to make changes.  Did you know that depression has a lot to do with suppressed anger (conscious and subconscious), and that when anger /stress/frustration  cortisol and adrenaline is properly channeled through exercise, Yoga, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping) and meditative-relaxation techniques  the feel good hormones of  endorphins and serotonin kick in and are sent to the section of your brain that deals with emotions and the fear response, the amygdalia.

Do you or someone you know need extra motivation, guidance and strategies to combat anger, frustration, stress and want be more empowered, happier, more productive and successful?  I conduct one-one and group sessions in Long Island and via telephone-Skype, as well as on site at your location.  You may contact me for a FREE CONSULT.  I am a  Certified Anger Specialist (accepted by US court system for court mandates), EFT Practitioner and former Biofeedback Therapist and personal trainer-yoga instructor, integrating mind-body modalities into my coaching and classes as indicated.

Let’s be interactive on this blog! Thank you all 🙂 xoxo

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It can be difficult to navigate through chaotic times.  Here  are some coping strategies for stress and anger well researched and positively tested:

  • Take a few deep relaxation breaths
  • Don’t curse
  • Walk away, release (walk, scream, punch the air, pillow) and calm down
  • Be aware of your triggers- that is what presses your buttons.  If you don’t know what they are and are very stressed, depressed or angry, get help to find out.
  • Take a “mini-vacation” (relax) everyday.  Lie down and visualize a place where you’ve been very relaxed before- and be there with all your senses
  • Exercise – Dance- Yoga
  • Journal or write (angry) letters and do not send!
  • Learn EFT with a practitioner: www.balanceandpower.com
  • Perfectionism is not the answer
  • Stay present
  • Let “it” go..and smile :)-

FREE Phone Consult: 516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com 



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What do you do to debunk the funk?

Depending on my mood, energy, the season, time, etc. here are my “debunkers”

  • walk on the shore
  • sit or lie down quietly and meditate
  • work-out
  • see a movie
  • do EFT
  • play with my cat
  • do yoga
  • listen to music
  • read a great book

to name a few.. what are yours?

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EFT is like yoga for the emotions and the spirit. It involves gentle tapping on stress relief points of the body and it can provide relief from physical and emotional pain, and any trauma or beliefs that have been blocking your truth.  Do you feel the weight of all the ‘shoulds’ on your shoulders? Do you sometimes wish, ‘If only I could be who I really am?’ If you would like to access your own guidance and wisdom instead of seeking truth about yourself from other people or sources, you can learn to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help dissolve whatever is in the way.

You may register now for my  Summer Series in Baldwin and  Teleclass July 29 and find out about One on One EFT Basic Training: Face to Face or on the telephone!: http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php


The teleclass will be very interactive with volunteers on the call having their issues worked on while everyone else “borrows benefits” – “Borrowing Benefits” means the volunteers get a chance to have their issue or issues addressed directly, while everyone else gets healing work done on them simultaneously. Everyone will leave feeling much better than when they arrived. This is a powerful opportunity to release your stress, worries, fears, sadness, anger, rage.

EFT newbees welcome – The set-up phrase and Gary Craig’s short version, which is universally recognized, will be explained – this is for everyone!

About This Teleclass and Groups:
You will be  facilitated to experience positive change in coping with personal stress triggers and be empowered!   Raise your awareness of how stress is an energy and health robber.

I am a Peak Performance Success Coach who can help you and the people in your organization effectively deal with difficult situations. Increased confidence, creativity, commitment  wellness and company cohesiveness are proven results of my engagement with you.

New Offering! One on One EFT Basic Training: Face to Face or on the Telephone!

I’ve been having Great Success – One on One Basic EFT Training: Miracles in 2 hours to last a lifetime!!  I can integrate EFT into any personal coaching session.  Contact me for a thirty minute complimentary consultation!  eileen@balanceandpower.com 516 623 4353

Find out more: Emotional Freedom Techniques

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Yay! After spending several hours (yes, I persevered!) on the website, and several calls to the help desk- you may find my spiral bound interactive book for overcoming obstacles and achieving success  formatted and illustrated by James Rutnam of webtimegraphics.com and motivationalwhisperers.com. Now I’m working on uploading the digital-kindle version.

check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0615341810 .  Dawn Abraham, CEO of motivationalwhisperers.com comments: ” Eileen’s interactive book is both enlightening and motivating.  Eileen truly partners with you as your Peak Performance Success Coach as she takes you step-by-step through her process of achieving success.”
Thanks, Dawn!
Great 4 Father’s Day!

More about the book:

This powerful interactive book will change your life! At last there is a book that interactively takes you through all the components of success. Eileen Lichtenstein waves a wand of magic with this inspirational book & it will leave you spell bound! A must read for anyone struggling to take their personal or professional life to a higher level of success and satisfaction. Eileen has created a book where she is “your” business, life, parenting or transition coach – partner! Eileen takes you through her personal journey of accomplishment while showing how you too can achieve the same peace and balance she has achieved in her own life. Her inspiring book gives you real life examples of how she guides her clients to success through her own experiences and years of training as a successful life and spiritual coach. As if that’s not enough, this amazing book is chock full of inspirational quotes from some of the top self help guru’s of our time. Eileen’s interactive exercises that are sprinkled throughout the book are delightfully easy to follow while guiding you step by step through her process to success. Eileen made sure she left no stone unturned in the area of dealing with stress. She gives you several very effective techniques to deal with stress in your life. What You Will Gain: * Increased Self Confidence * Peace of Mind * Balance * Higher Income Potential * A Feeling of Well Being and Improved Health * A Better Understanding of Your True Capabilities Don’t wait to start turning your ailing business – or life – around. Be proactive: If you’re doing well, SOAR! will propel you to a higher level of success and happiness! Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Looking for a career change, a reinvention? And if you are simply feeling overwhelmed with life, “sandwich generation” or parenting issues, this book will help get you get unstuck, be fearless and SOAR!


SOAR! with Resilience: The Interactive Book for Overcoming  Obstacles & Achieving Success


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Yes and yes! Absolutely, especially if you’ve opened this, which means you’re motivated.  However, more than motivation is necessary to be successful.  Commitment is needed.. Groups are forming now in Baldwin, Long Island that will address these issues and more.  I’m also facilitating several local venues this week http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php. I coach individuals on the phone or face to face in Baldwin.  If you’re looking for teleseminars stay tuned!

Here are some tried and true strategies to be more focused and fearless:

  • Take time to review priorities daily, keeping “the big picture” in mind.
  • Take time to relax and have fun daily.
  • Take time to exercise several times a week.
  • Take time to meditate and/or practice moving meditation such as yoga.
  • Take time to discuss and brainstorm ideas; perhaps journal.
  • Take time to get enough sleep and to eat properly.
  • Learn and practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping)

Inner strength and being centered are keys to life and business success

If  you have excess stress challenges, are “in transition”, experiencing work-life  time challenges, caregiver or intergenerational family issues, having communication difficulties, or simply want an advocate to bounce things around with and be accountable to, you may contact me for a thirty minute complimentary phone consult: 516 623 4353 or eileen@balanceandpower.com.

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