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The subconscious is incredibly powerful, representing five-sixths of our brain’s thinking and power. To achieve success consistently and effortlessly, you must align your subconscious mind with what you want to create in your life and let go of past programming. If your subconscious beliefs conflict with the outcomes you’re consciously affirming, you’re guaranteed to fail. The subconscious wins … every time.  An ideal time to visualize is in the morning and before sleep, perhaps after meditating.

Visualize what you want. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between a real and imagined event. When it “sees” what you want to achieve, it will find ways to make your dreams come true.  The same works regarding stress.  “Act as if” and visualizing “it” daily works wonders.  For instance, if you are stressed that you are overweight and a goal is to lose 10 pounds, visualize yourself at that weight- in those clothes.  Act as if you are already losing the weight and do not go on the scale.  Simply smile, exercise and eat well to “maintain” your lost weight.

Here’s another example: You know you need a vacation and can’t imagine taking the time off. Well, do exactly that in your mind, and in real time act as if you are going- soon!

Let me know how visualization works for you!  You may contact me for a complimentary phone coaching consult: www.balanceandpower.com 516 623 4353



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  • Listen to and follow your Intuition.
  • Stay with your Integrity, no matter what!
  • Forgive yourself for mistakes – let go and move on
  • Live, love, laugh and stay healthy!
  • Work-life integration or balance?
  • Take time each day to relax, dream and visualize
  • Be an active listener.
  • Follow-up!
  • Believe in yourself and your goals: The power of affirmations and visualization


Ready to Keep Soaring? then STOP WORRYING!!!

Did you know that
40% of worrying is about things that will never happen
30% of worrying is over things that can’t be changed
10% of worrying is over health (which only gets worse when you worry)
We spend 92% of our time and energy worrying about things that:
1. We have no control over
2. We can’t possibly change
3. Have misperceived

Make a list of things you worry about. Divide your list into categories listed at the top of this outline. How do you want to redirect your focus?  VISUALIZE THIS!
What would happen if we channeled this energy and effort constructively rather than adding “fuel to the fire”? Worrying is like steeping on the gas pedal while the car is in neutral: we create a lot of noise, use energy and don’t go anywhere! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques/ Meridian Tapping) works extraordinarily well to overcome anxiety, fear and worry.  more.. http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php


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194523_1850294227922_1557737766_1906403_522253_oThis article on post vacation re-entry tips by Jamie Herzlich has me quoted in Newsday . Here’s the link to the entire article: http://www.newsday.com/business/columnists/jamie-herzlich/small-business-before-vacation-plan-for-re-entry-1.8420147

” Set up an automatic email email response to let people know you’ll be out of the office.”

You may also enlist the services of a telephone answering service, which can help screen calls and alert you if you need to respond to something while you’re away.” (I’ve done this myself :))

“Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed.  On your way home, mentally relive your vacation a bit so you have it fresh in your mind and you can access these visualizations daily.”

“Perhaps even build time into your to do list to transfer photos from your camera to your computer.”

“Don’t lose the essence of your vacation.

Free phone consult: www.balanceandpower.com     

516 623 4353


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 When you’re feeling down, you can often turn things around with a few tips and tricks for thinking about things differently.   Here are 8 suggestions to “reframe” or place your “stuff” in different perspective and feel happier:

  1. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and visualize things working out.
  2. Give yourself a quick pep talk.
  3. Get in front of a mirror and practice smiling. While working your grin, take a minute to acknowledge your looks and appreciate your favorite part of your face.
  4. Write down five things that you are proud about and stick the list in your wallet to pull out to remind yourself that you’re awesome.
  5. Call a friend and tell her you’re feeling down. Sometimes just admitting you’re not feeling great makes things better instantly.
  6. Make a coffee date with a good friend and ask her what she likes about you.
  7. Take a deep breath, acknowledge things aren’t going your way, and move on with your day.
  8. Stop with negative self talk. Switch the thoughts of negativity to positive mantras, such as “I am a strong woman (man)!”


Want to talk about it?   http://www.balanceandpower.com/stress.php

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The other day I found myself a little bit crazy, overworked,

and just not able to get to that deep place
of peace where I love to be for a part of my day…

So I did some tapping (EFT) on it, and had 
significant stress relief and attitude shifts.

I’m going to share these tapping scripts below.

Work on the one that resonates most for you.
Tap on them all if you want to, and pay particular
attention to what comes up for YOU.

So if you’re tapping with one of these scripts
and a particular project comes to mind, or
stress about a situation, tap on that specifically.

The more SPECIFIC you can get with your
personal stuff, the better results you’ll have.

 Instruction on how to do the tapping includinmg the tapping points:  

1.  General Overwork and Overstress

Karate Chop:  Even though I’m totally overworked,
really stressed out and have WAY too much to
do…. I deeply and completely accept myself

(Repeat the above phrase three times while
Tapping on the karate chop point)

Eyebrow: Way too much to do…
Side of the Eye:  My “to-do” list is a mile long…
Under Eye: When will I ever get it done?
Under Nose: I’ll never get it done…
Under Mouth: I’m overworked and stressed out….
Collarbone: When can I relax?
Under the Arm: I can’t seem to relax
Top of the Head: Too much to do…

(Repeat the above phrases a couple of times,
you can throw in your own phrases as well, and
when you feel significant relief, move on to
the positive phrases)

Eyebrow: I chose to relax now…
Side of the Eye: I chose to REALLY relax now…
Under the Eye: I’ll never get it ALL done…
Under Nose: And that’s ok…
Under Mouth: I chose to slow down and take a breath…
Collarbone: I am not my “to-do” list…
Under the Arm: I am good enough no matter
what I get done…
Top of the Head: I chose to relax and let it go now…

2.  Cultural Drive To Do More and Be More

Karate Chop:  Even though society says I need
to work harder, to do more, be more and never stop,
I deeply and completely accept myself

(Repeat the above phrase three times while tapping
on the karate chop point)

Eyebrow: I need to keep working…
Side of the Eye: I have to do more…
Under Eye: I need to be more…
Under Nose: I can never stop…
Under Mouth: I have to keep up…
Collarbone: Need to keep going…
Under the Arm: Can never stop…
Top of the Head: Gotta keep going…

(Repeat the above phrases a couple of times,
you can throw in your own phrases as well, and
when you feel significant relief, move on to
the positive phrases)

Eyebrow: I chose to slow down….
Side of the Eye: I chose to breathe….
Under Eye: I am perfect as I am….
Under Nose: I can chose my own way…
Under Mouth: I don’t have to be like anyone else….
Collarbone: Society can keep going crazy, I chose
to relax…
Under the Arm: I choose whether to work more or not…
Top of the Head: It’s all within my control….

Keep tapping until you get relief!

These are just general phrases to get you started and
bring you some relief.

Make sure to pay attention to what came up for YOU.

Jot down whatever specific event, issue or memory these
phrases triggered, and then work on tapping those

I offer a complimentary consult via phone or skype to re EFT ansd Peak Performance Success Coaching with several packages available to help empower you to be your happiest, most productive self.  http://www.balanceandpower.com   516 623 4353

Comment on this blog to let me know results you had from this tapping.  

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Focus is one of the keys to success and necessary to be on your game.

Many people find it hard to focus, but it is a skill you can develop.  Do you know you can rewire negative patterns?? Try these suggestions for improving your focus:

  • Stop multitasking.  Research shows that dividing attention across multiple activities is taxing on the brain, and can often come at the expense of real productivity.  There is a small percentage of “supertaskers” out there, probably not you.
  • Train your brain. .   Invest time in mastering attention training or meditation — both are great ways to practice taming distractions and improving focus.  Any skill worth having requires practice; time well spent.
  • Screen out distractions. Start by turning off the TV, putting down your phone and logging out of email.
  • Invest in Your Peak Time  .  When is your energy at it’s peak?  Plan your work for those times and use your less energetic times for leisure or a nap.
  •  Create off site storage for mental notes and unfinished business. Too many mental notes make for a cluttered mind.. Put whatever’s on your mind on paper or capture it digitally.
  • Revisit prioritizing and SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.  It’s your game!  Give yourself permission to change your mind and prioritize differently- in life and in business.
  • “Start with the end in mind. ” ― Stephen R. Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
  • Visualize positive outcomes in your meditative time.
  • Learn EFT to help create new habits, increase focus, clarity and be on your game!
  • FREE CONSULT www.balanceandpower.com  
  • 516 623 4353

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– Amsterdam 2012 –

Happiness is subjective, perception rules.  Yet there are some simple keys to wellness and happiness, which go hand in hand.  The thing about happiness is that the premise often flows and changes, depending on people and circumstances in our lives.  It’s important through all the changes to be aware of your core values and be in alignment with them.

 These simple truths are not always evident and hold the keys  to wellness and happiness:

  • Follow your passions; do things that bring a sense of fulfillment, joy and purpose, that validate your worth.  See your life as your own creation and strive to make it a positive one.
  • Pay close and loving attention to yourself –  tune into your needs on all levels.  Nourish, support and encourage yourself.
  • Release resentment, envy, fear, sadness, anger.  Express your feelings appropriately.
  • Visualize positive images and goals.  Whenever negative or fearful images emerge, re-focus on images that evoke feelings of peace and joy.
  • Create loving, honest relationships that allow for the expression and fulfillment of needs for intimacy and security. 
  • Heal wounds from past relationships and with parents.
  • Make positive contributions to your community through work or service that you enjoy
  • Make a commitment to health and well being.  Develop a belief in the possibility of total health – physically and emotionally.

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