Pre-Vacation and Re-Entry Tips

This article on post vacation re-entry tips by Jamie Herzlich has me quoted in Newsday . Here’s the link to the entire article: ” Set up an automatic email email response to let people know you’ll be out of the office.” You may also enlist the services of a telephone answering service, which can help … More Pre-Vacation and Re-Entry Tips

Balance & Power Newsletter August 2013

    Balance & Power Newsletter         Hi Everyone! I’m back from a wonderful vacation-trip to London and visit with (first) baby grandson! and family and to Loire, France for castles and sunflowers!  (scroll down for 10 tips:)) 10 Tips for Smooth Travel Vacations and Fun: Anticipate having a wonderful time If something goes wrong  or … More Balance & Power Newsletter August 2013

Do you want to up your productivity, creativity and confidence?

Vacations are wonderful. No matter when or where- I am a big fan of time away with faith that it is the right time-place-people that you have arranged it with.  It is extra wonderful when you make a pact of no phones- and no or occassional computer.  Really!  Some adjustments  and maybe some extra down time- … More Do you want to up your productivity, creativity and confidence?

London Fun!

The front row of upper level of double decker bus is the best seating :).  Any seat at The Royal Albert Hall is fantastic- and the sound for Mark Knopfler & his band was super..great to hear the old faves “Sultan of Swing”, etc. and new music too. Pub lunch-supper (lupper?) by the Thames was … More London Fun!

Fun in Madrid

No more jetlag.  I’m on time with yummy comidas, siestas, fiestas – this weekend is Madrid’s Saints Day with fun celebrations and traditional costumes/dances. Galician lunch today and viewed a Queimada brewing ceremony- we didn’t partake as we were going back to Museo Thyssen…and of course my wonderful daughter Ariel and friends.  Ciao!

Women View Vacations as Priority(c) 2009 Eileen Lichtenstein

I recently came across this on the internet- I am a firm believer in the importance of vacations. A new survey finds that when it comes to women, the emotional rewards of a vacation are often key drivers in where they choose to spend their holiday getaways. The survey, conducted by Roper Public Affairs for … More Women View Vacations as Priority(c) 2009 Eileen Lichtenstein

LI Newsday Business Feature with Eileen

Eileen has been featured in Long Island Newsday, Business Section 6/15: “Amazingly, the reporter contacted me as I was packing for this European trip! I was happy to share-” Preparing to get away on vacation — “There’s rarely ever a good time to take a vacation when you’re a small-business owner.That’s why many owners … More LI Newsday Business Feature with Eileen