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I’m talking to parents, older siblings, grandparents, teachers, business managers/ceo’s and politicians.  court mandated parenting classes long island NY

We are each leaders, even if (now) your domain is simply your home.  Do you curse? Smile enough?  Speak and act assertively? Listen actively? Demonstrate good time skills? Step away from devices on a regular basis? Mindful and considerate of others in household, office, neighbors?

My clients often see me for help with #angermanagementstrategies and/or #parenting skills.  How you cope with #stress, #frustration and #anger impacts directly on #communication, #relationships and your #patience quota.

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I’ve been told (uh-uh!) ithat I need to revisit my patience (tolerance?) quotient.. I commented that I’ve greatly – noticeably improved over the (many) years of maturation, inner work, etc. and perhaps it’s time to recultivate this ..as I have been losing it (patience- that’s all I hope!) more easily of late- in fact just yesterday with my aged mom- much to my regret.
I know that a challenged tolerance level often leads to frustration-anger and letting go of possibly harsh words.
I accept that no one can make me angry, but I allow myself to become angry — therefore, I am responsible for my own anger. I’ve led workshops about this with experiential and introspective exercises to help transform anger into productive and assertive responses as a healthy expression of one’s thoughts and feelings. My next workshop is 1/10/14 in Westbury, NY. http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php. Since lack of forgiveness is connected to anger, a section of the workshop will go deeply into forgiving as a means to free the self from the pain and hurt caused by anger.

I often work with EFT (Emotional Freedon Techniques, tapping) for myself and with clients – groups., vehicles, a modality which is very successful for transforming anger.

Contact me and we can discuss. FREE phone consult. 516 623 4353

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