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There is a curve called failure
A loop called confusion
Speed bumps called friends
Red lights called enemies
Caution lights called family
You will have flats called jobs but
If you have a spare calledDETERMINATION

An engine called perseverance
Insurance called faith
A driver called G-d
You will make it to a place called SUCCESS!

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See how easily you can learn to persevere, be patient and positive with peak performance success strategies including the amazing EFT Technique. A wonderful example of this is overcoming the fear of public speaking, the number one fear in this country. EFT reduces stress, builds confidence and enhances resilience!

You can view me discussing this with TJ Walker on his television set: http://balanceandpower.com/media.php

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Implementing my secret EFT Technique, Cindy’s anxiety-stress level went from 9 to 4 in 15 minutes! She was the “courageous volunteer” on my “Borrowing Benefits Be Free with EFT” EFT Technique teleclass and will check in with me in 3 days, after tapping each AM. We’ll delete any leftovers and deal with any new aspects-issues that may come up for her related to her original one. Find out more about this extraordinary mind-body modality ; I offer a complimentary consult and conduct peak performance life and business coaching-training-eft sessions in Baldwin,Long Island , on site and via telephone-Skype.

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We can feel more  purposeful, focused and positive about our work by regularly giving ourselves the gift of recreation and relaxation. We may think that we need to stay focused and disciplined until we get the job done, especially if we are working hard on achieving the goals we’ve set for ourselves. While this level of dedication is admirable, it can also sabotage our enjoyment of our work and also the efficiency and accuracy. Choosing to create a state of balance and moderation in our activities will help us enjoy our daily experiences more. This helps us be more focused and productive when we are working. Remember that a rested mind is an efficient mind. Take time to honor your need for fun today, and you will help yourself achieve your goals. A good night’s sleep is also extremely important to attain optimal productivity.

I recently won a great raffle at Yvonne Bisk’s Meet-Up Group: http://www.meetup.com/LongIslandEntrepreneurs/ , the book  “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com. Inc. that happily reading now! Tony is a huge advocate of work-life balance and taking time off to allow the creative juices to work.  Thanks Yvonne, for spreading the good words!

I offer a thirty minute FREE coaching consult to find out how my services can work for you!  Check out my FREE EFT TELECLASS:  www.balanceandpower.com/events.php

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