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Change happens every day- and now transitioning seasons and mindsets to the “big push” of last quarter can be overwhelming. Decisions that have been put off now need to be addressed and projects completed. The four
steps in decision making are below. It is common for people to get caught in a “feedback loop” in step 3, to keep circling back between steps 2 and 3, and never making it to step 4.

1. Determine need
2. Research options


3. Analyze the pros and cons of each
4. Make a decision

Another scenario is to make the decision and then become caught in a fear trap- procrastinating and not taking action. If you need help with these or similar issues, an advocate and brainstorm buddy,you may contact me for a Complimentary Peak Performance Success Coaching Consult to set up a personalized program to figure the “its” out and you will take action. Our sessions may be in Baldwin, Long Island and effectively via phone or Skype. To arrange, please contact eileen@balanceandpower.com 516 623 4353.

Organizational and corporate teams may experience similar issues as individuals, on a larger scale.
Make your last quarter SOAR! with Resilience™ to experience optimal levels of success, happiness and productivity with a Balance & Power “SOAR! with Resilience(r)” Training, Coaching and Motivational Keynote for your team and company.


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Are you prepared to meet the “turnaround”: the coming in of our new economy, with all the additional and new demands it will place on your time and energy?

Are the employees and leadership in your company ready to demonstrate and experience optimal:
• Performance
• Communication
• Creativity
• Stress Levels
• Anger and Conflict Management
• Health and Wellness

We’ve spent over a year in economic limbo- and now is the time to move forward with energy and conviction! Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO Balance & Power, Inc. and her team facilitate trainings, coaching and retreats that foster Significant Positive Change in productivity, health and stress levels with an increase in:
• Assertiveness: Ability to express thoughts and feelings in a confident and non-aggressive manner.
• Optimism: Ability to be positive and hopeful about the future in the face of stress, setbacks or disappointments.
• Motivation: Ability to begin and sustain behaviors to accomplish goals
• Adaptability: Ability to solve problems by being flexible, creative, and translating ideas into action, while working well with others.
• Self-Regulation: Ability to control one’s thoughts and feelings in times of stress and remain calm under pressure.
• Self-Actualization: Ability to live up to potential through the pursuit of challenging goals, setting high personal standards and pursuing tasks outside of one’s comfort zone.
• Self-Acceptance: Ability to recognize and accept both positive and negative aspects of one’s self.

Balance & Power, Inc. http://www.balanceandpower.com offers strategic interventions and preventative programs and coaching to align individual development with organizational competency and business strategy. Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., EFT-ADV is a Success Coach trained by Corporate Coach University and a Professional Speaker. She is a former biofeedback therapist, fitness trainer and Hofstra University adjunct professor for Health and Physical Education and is currently on staff with CUNY MEC for Leadership and Team Building. Her private practice is in Baldwin, NY where she sees individuals and small groups. On-site and telephone coaching-training may be arranged.

Call Now for a Complimentary Telephone Consultation to explore a customized package to meet your personal or organizational needs: 516 623 4353

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Inspirational Power Quotes
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” Albert Einstein
Imagination creates endless possibilities… Imagination + creativity +intuition + knowledge = success.
Taking Action
“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers
Yes, I agree. Movement is instrumental to progress and being “run over”.
Perseverance- Or?
“It’s always too early to quit.” Norman Vincent Peale
OK- I think we all agree that before “quitting”, explore all options. And, to be aware of “the tipping point”. Sometimes, it’s indicated “to quit”. Before quitting, if it’s a project or action you are passionate about, brainstorm with a coach!
“Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.” Dr. Wayne Dyer
Yes, discernment comes with maturity and experience. Meditate before choosing…


An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. -Henry David Thoreau

Oh yes… and when your energy is down, or the weather isn’t cooperating, a quiet time and stretch-breathwork is a great way to start the day!

“Bearing and nurturing,
Creating but not owning,
Giving without demanding,
Controlling without authority,
This is love.”
Tao Te Ching, Chapter 10
This is love of a person, family and a formula for successful relationship and team building within any context.

Love never claims, it ever gives; love never suffers, never resents; never revenges itself. Where there is love there is life; hatred leads to destruction.”
Mahatma Ghandi
We strive to be/do this.

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
…and love will come. Be open and accepting; it will find you.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection.” The Buddha
Self love must come first and more will follow.


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What can be better than a gift that could potentially make someone’s future more successful? Imagine, with the gift of coaching, you provide yourself, your loved one or colleagues the unique opportunity to grow their business and reap personal and relationship benefits in unprecedented ways! You all walk away with invaluable tools and knowledge. This is truly a win-win opportunity!

I usually market my services by the project, each lasting 2-4 months, with follow-up coaching/training available on a month-by-month basis. However, to celebrate new beginnings and bountiful opportunities in this time of global economic and political challenges, I offer the following…
• 3 individual 1 hour coaching sessions, in-person in Baldwin, NY. or via the telephone-internet: $270.00. This may include:
• PCSI (Personal Coaching Styles Inventory): A communication styles assessment tool and coaching to address the results. Effective communication is the basis for good relationships and productive teams.
• Meridian Tapping (EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques) to accelerate goal attainment, release negativity combined with positive visualizations and relaxation.
Discounted customized group trainings team development, leadership development, anger management-conflict resolution, stress management through 2009 with Eileen and her affiliates. We honor and work with your budget restrictions!
Your total investment: Priceless! Arrange a complimentary consultation:
516 623 4353 eileen@balanceandpower.com
Offer good through August, 2009.

Why Coaching Now? http://www.balanceandpower/coaching.php
Coaching utilization is increasing because it is a cost effective means of achieving phenomenal results for individuals, teams and businesses. Organizations are asking, “Can we afford not to use coaches?”

A study of Fortune 1000 companies reported the following benefits from the coaching they received:
• An increase in productivity (by 53%)
• Increased customer service (by 39%)
• Increased retention of senior people (by 32%)
• Reduction in costs (by 23%)
• Increased bottom line profitability (by 22%)
The Xerox Corporation found that the impact of using follow-up coaching after formal training gave a massive 87% increase in the effectiveness of training when compared to training alone. One executive coaching firm found that coaching programs delivered an average return on investment of 5.7 times the initial investment in a typical executive coaching assignment.

Coaching has been so successful in the large corporations that it is now becoming more and more common in small companies, professional practices and start-ups.

What is it about coaching that’s so powerful?

Are you aware of self-fulfilling prophecies? We all have them. We get trapped in our comfort zones and we don’t know what we don’t know. The old adage goes, “If you always think what you’ve always thought, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” Or, in other words, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.”

As a peak performance success coach, I help you challenge your own assumptions, see things from a different perspective, think outside your comfort zone. Then together we set goals for more productive behaviors and actions that will bring you better results. It’s practice and application. Common sense dictates that people don’t maintain the changes they make without practice and application. The coaching I offer is outcome based. You state your goals and we make them happen together. I hold you accountable for making progress.

Would this be a good gift for someone who is far away?
Absolutely, even if I am primarily located in the NY metropolitan areacan have coaching sessions with people all over the world by phone-internet.

Read about Eileen in LI Newsday Business Section 6/15/09:

Eileen has been featured in Long Island Newsday, Business Section 6/15:
“Amazingly, the reporter contacted me as I was packing for this European trip! I was happy to share-”
Preparing to get away on vacation — Newsday.com
There’s rarely ever a good time to take a vacation when you’re a small-business owner.That’s why many owners just don’t get away, or if they do, they end up taking long weekends or taking some free time.

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