I’m home now after being hospitalized for several months, first for brown recluse spider bite (that I’m in physical therapy for now consequently to learn how to use my left leg most effectively) and continuing treatment and chemotherapy for acute leukemia. The leukemia may not have been discovered (as I wasn’t feeling sick yet) if … More Resilience

The Power of Perspective & Positive Thinking to Create Resilience and BP freebies!

The power of perspective and positive thinking, according to research, may be even more than we thought! Dr. Judith Moskowitz, professor of medical social sciences at Northwestern University, worked on a study to help people relieve and combat stress by using eight methods: Here’s a quick summary of the eight techniques used in Moskowitz’ study: … More The Power of Perspective & Positive Thinking to Create Resilience and BP freebies!

#Family First!

Anyone who works or has responsibilities outside of family can relate to this post. When a close family member becomes ill; it is sometimes difficult to even think about shifting work #priorities. Often family members show there “true colors” when they do this – or do not. It can be challenging – cancelling and reprioritizing … More #Family First!

Keeping it Simple!

Less stress for the Holidays has a “mantra”: “keep it simple”. Especially with recent research showing women under 50 are most affected by holiday-related anxiety, with the two leading causes being family or financial related. Try lowering you stress levels with these simple strategies: Exercise Remove yourself temporarily from what is causing anxiety Take a … More Keeping it Simple!

Do you want LESS STRESS for the HOLIDAYS?

Less Stress for the Holidays, Managing Time Focusing to Attain Your Goals have been well received topics in my workshop venues. I’ve come to the personal-professional conclusion that what all participants relate to for an easier season is keeping things simple. I’m an advocate of this philosophy year round- and I think we all go through phases and … More Do you want LESS STRESS for the HOLIDAYS?

Take Joybreaks!

This can be  a very stressful time of year.   Taking “joy” and exercise-stretch breaks throughout the day clears your mind, stretches muscles and ups the endorphins (feeling good hormones) and creativity factor. Throughout your busy day as an executive (possibly Mom!) it’s important to take regular joy breaks such as stretching, deep breathing, EFT tapping, … More Take Joybreaks!

Rewire Your Brain – and Your Child’s!

**Spend some time everyday in green spaces. Research shows 20 minutes in nature can lower stress hormones! Get the whole family outside with a walk, hike or bike ride. **Practicing Mindfulness for 2 weeks can rewire the way your brain reacts to stress. Studies have found that after doing mindfulness exercises like meditation and deep … More Rewire Your Brain – and Your Child’s!

Eileen interviewed on Elevated Radio Today!

Eileen talks about strategies and techniques for goal attainment and stress reduction. Learn to understand the role stress plays in our lives, including different relaxation techniques that can be used in our daily lives. Learn how lifestyles and stress levels can be changed with impressive results! Find out More about Stress Management EFT, Emotional Freedom … More Eileen interviewed on Elevated Radio Today!