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Wednesday May 10th, 2017   6pm – 7:30pm    anger management Wantagh

Microsoft Community Room, 160 Walt Whitman Rd, #1006B, Huntington Station, NYOpen Open to all by RSVP only. (631) 481-9124 Ext. 100          cgrahamdha@gmail.com
Long Island Women’s Group | Men may attend
Eileen will be speaking on Stress & Time Strategies to Reduce Stress and Be More Productive 

Women’s Business Committee
The mission of the Women’s Business Committee is to empower, educate and prepare our small business entrepreneurs and student to become economically and socially successful.

More About Stress Management  FREE PHONE CONSULT 516 623 4353  

Westbury, NY and Skype Sessions


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 To all my friends recently touched by destruction and dire circumstances, as our collective prayers, thoughts and actions aid recovery from Superstorm Sandy, and to all of my friends not  in the New York Metro area, let’s remember we can always accelerate resilience in spirit with these simple steps:

• Set specific goals that are attainable.  Take baby steps to get there when necessary.
• When you are feeling down due to personal circumstances, take stock of your strengths and positive circumstances and BE GRATEFUL!!
• Surround yourself with positive people as much as possible.
• Do not read, watch or listen to the news if you become “too upset”.

You are the only one who can control your attitude. By focusing on what is strong and enduring and seeing potential, you can take calculated risks and overcome challenges .


It takes an open, creative mind free from anxiety to pick up on opportunities.


They are out there ready to be accessed by your positive and resilient radar!!


Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

Emphasize the Positive for Successful Relationships


Choose Happiness!

Being Happy (Can) Make You Look Great!

Ask for What You Want… Otherwise Don’t Wonder Why You don’t Get You Always Have a Choice!

You Always Have a Choice!

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I sponsored a wonderfully facilitated an “Empowered Speed Networking” event with Lucy Rosen, Public Speaker, Author, Business Networking Expert

and Donna Cariello of The LI Way, CEO of www.thelongislandway.com/ and got a lot of “takeaways” : including a reminder to be specific about what you need.  We were asked to state 3 business “needs”/ goals as we moved along with each person, taking notes on the other’s for referrals. The follow-up is to focus on the stated goals for thirty days.  I’m adding on a few more now for this blog:

1. Five people who need Peak Performance Success/Career coaching to help them to be more successful, productive and happier while reducing stress/anger levels and to be motivated-mentored-accountable for whatever life/work goals they want to achieve.  I offer a complimentary consult and sessions may be arranged via telephone, video skype and face to face in Baldwin and various locations throughout LI.  eileen@balanceandpower.com   516 623 4353

2. Corporate and agency “gigs” re SOAR! with Resilience(TM) (my program and manual as well as stand alone publication: read about & purchase here) re goal attainment , stress management, anger management and effective communication. Mind/body modalities EFT ,  guided meditation/relaxation.

3. Intros to Judges & matrimonial attorneys and mediators for mutual referrals as I’m a court certified anger management specialist-educator.

4.  Collaborative alliances and referrals

5.  Participants for small groups anger-stress management groups location, dates, times tba. More info at www.balanceandpower.com

6. Biz card advertisers for The Pek-u-lators full day event Sept 18 ($100- contact me eileen@balanceandpower.com) and a full house for the workshops. Details & registration: http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php 

7. View Motivational Whisperers TV!

8. Sign up for Motivational Whisperers Mastermind Groups to launch and accomplish your dreams!!

9. Sign up for the Balance & Power Newsletter and receive a FREE guided relaxation download and Motivational Quotes!


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 8 week Mastermind Teleclass: 

  begins 6/8 INFO & REGISTER     

Success Charged Master Mind Group for Entrepreneurs

Motivational Whisperers

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Jamie Herzlich writes the Small Business column in Newsday.

“Manage stress to help your business thrive”

The article on stress busting tips for small business owners is in today’s Newsday. Here is the link:

Manage stress to help your business thrive

April 19, 2011 by JAMIE HERZLICH / jherzlich@aol.com

You’re running your business day after day, week after week.

All the important decisions fall on your shoulders and there never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done.

It’s no wonder you might be feeling a bit stressed. The challenge is learning how to deal with it so it doesn’t impact your health or take over your life, say experts.

“Stress typically leads to burnout, sickness, unhappiness and reduced productivity,” says work-life/career coach Sharon Teitelbaum of Sharonteitelbaum.com and author of “Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued” (Wonder Works Publishing; $15). “You need to manage your stress levels in order to thrive.”

There are several ways to do this and here are just a few:

Cut a deal with your inner perfectionist: Entrepreneurs feel like they have to do everything fabulously, says Teitelbaum of Watertown, Mass. Oftentimes they become a slave to their high standards in every part of their lives, she says. “Find a place in your life where you can lower a standard without serious consequences,” she says. Perhaps, it means outsourcing less-critical tasks.

Acknowledge yourself: Business owners/managers can be their own worst critics, says Teitelbaum. Acknowledge your own good work so you’re not always focusing on the negative. It doesn’t have to be momentous achievements, even something like handling a difficult conversation with a customer, she notes.

Take time off:Designate clear time off and stick to it. Turn off your BlackBerry and adhere to some downtime. “You can return to work refreshed,” says Teitelbaum.

Reduce distractions:If you keep getting sidetracked or distracted, you’ll feel like you’re accomplishing nothing and get more stressed, explains Eileen Lichtenstein, chief executive of Balance & Power Inc. in Baldwin, a work-life peak performance success coach. Force yourself to not check email every two seconds or, if working from home, don’t start doing chores, she says.

Optimize peak performance times: Understand when your personal energy is at its peak, says Lichtenstein, author of “SOAR! with Resilience” (Balance & Power Press; $19.99). Plan your work accordingly, she says. For instance, if you’re working on Excel spreadsheets, you might not save that for the evening when your eyes have been straining all day.

Change scenery:Take a quick walk outside or set up your computer in a shady spot outdoors, says Lichtenstein. “It’s extremely peaceful,” she says.

Delegate: You don’t need to do everything yourself, says Rosalie Moscoe, owner of Health

inHarmony.com in Toronto and author of “Frazzled, Hurried Woman! Your Stress Relief Guide to Thriving . . . Not Merely Surviving” (Create Space; $18.95). Focus on tasks you can really add value to and delegate some of the other more mundane tasks, says Moscoe, who did this herself after spending too much time designing booklet covers for her speaking engagements. “You’ve got to get people to help you,” says Moscoe, who now has a student do that task for her so she can work on more pressing activities.

Eat right:Don’t skip meals or eat junk food, but instead choose high-energy foods with protein like eggs and fish, says Moscoe. “That’s brain food,” she says.

Get physical:Do something physical and get your body moving, says Moscoe. It will get your blood flowing and you’ll feel energized, she says. That’s what Katherine Heaviside, president of Epoch 5 Public Relations in Huntington, does each morning before her work day begins. “I run five to six days a week,” says Heaviside. “I find when I run, by the end of it, I’m thinking more clearly.” She even leaves her cellphone behind. “There’s a sense of aloneness I really treasure,” notes Heaviside.

Fast Fact:

Entrepreneurs certainly do lead busy lives. A survey last year by U.S. Bancorp of more than 2,700 small business owners found that 65 percent say they are almost always on the go.

Find skills and strategies to help with stress reduction: Image (155) (3)


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You are absolutely ready to transform stress into success if you say or think the following:

“I can’t cope!”

“I’m tired of being angry!”

“I never have enough time for my family, forget about myself:)!”

“I don’t have enough energy to go out or to exercise.”

“I don’t seem to get anything accomplished.”

“I spend too much time working.”

“My relationship (marriage) is in trouble…”

These are statements that I hear everyday from my clients and at small business networking meet-ups.  When you attend my interactive virtual or in person trainings and Motivational Whisperer Master Mind (TBA!), and as an individual client, you will learn strategies and techniques to help you cope with daily stress, increase productivity, enhance relationships and boost your bottom line and empower you.  Miscommunications at home and among staff will lessen, complex demands juggling home and work will balance and frustration-anger thresholds will rise, as will productivity.

When you are in this group or work with me individually, you will:

  • Learn to identify blocks keeping you stuck in negative patterns
  • Learn to recognize triggers which cause blocks
  • Learn how to be proactive in dealing with stressors
  • Experience and practice techniques that increase productivity and reduce stress:  Visualizations for Success, Positive Languaging, Relaxation Breathing , EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, meridian tapping  see demo videos, Goal Setting, Time Management and Prioritizing Strategies.
  • “SOAR! with Resilience” Soar-Cover-Small.JPG

Contact me for a Complimentary Consult!:

516 623 4353  www.balanceandpower.com

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I  attended a classy networking “cocktail party” grand opening   biz-office of a former client tonight.  I nonchalantly slipped my vities-calcium-fish oil-gall bladder supps into my mouth while holding a delicious pomegranate-white grape martini to wash them down with was commented on- we all had a laugh and I said that the they could read the blog later :). Is this martini a little healthy? (working title for this blog).

It was heartwarming to see the success of my client- I’ve coached  her thru multiple transitions and she recently attended the  Stress Resilience for Busy People Free Teleclass Recording and gave me a lovely testimonial.  Full circles- I love that!

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