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Online Video Conference:
Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT: Conquer Procrastination, Phobias and Fear of Public Speaking with Eileen Lichtenstein

When: Monday, February 11th, 2013
Time: 2:30 pm EST
Cost: $20.00

Emotional Freedom Technique – amazing Energy Meridian Tapping Techniques combined with Intuitive Language and Peak Performance Coaching – Can Help Eradicate – Relieve Physical and Emotional Negative Symptoms, Cravings and Fear!

Emotional Freedom Technique also known at EFT/meridian tapping is the talk of the day. This amazing modality is based on the body’s energies and a simple statement that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the energy system.

In this unique Online Video Conference I will take you trough a few general rounds of tapping to reverse procrastination, which is always fear based. Have your procrastination issue ready to overcome and take action with!

As you may know and most of the medical industry is now discovering, when we have physical problems they are almost always connected with our emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique comes to the rescue and is showing astounding results; in some cases after one or two sessions. EFT reverses cravings and releases fear/phobias as well as relieving physical symptoms associated with stress and anger. The system I use is based on the teachings of Gary Craig.

Here is a PDF diagram of tapping points: Download Eileen’s EFT One Sheet Here and I also have EFT client success stories documented here.

Every registrant will receive the eBook:
Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT:
Conquer Procrastination, Phobias and Fear of Public Speaking ebook-cover-eft



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Move Towards Your Inner Power & Walk Through Your Shadows

We each have our shadows-our fear(s).  Face it and move with baby steps…

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I sponsored a wonderfully facilitated an “Empowered Speed Networking” event with Lucy Rosen, Public Speaker, Author, Business Networking Expert

and Donna Cariello of The LI Way, CEO of www.thelongislandway.com/ and got a lot of “takeaways” : including a reminder to be specific about what you need.  We were asked to state 3 business “needs”/ goals as we moved along with each person, taking notes on the other’s for referrals. The follow-up is to focus on the stated goals for thirty days.  I’m adding on a few more now for this blog:

1. Five people who need Peak Performance Success/Career coaching to help them to be more successful, productive and happier while reducing stress/anger levels and to be motivated-mentored-accountable for whatever life/work goals they want to achieve.  I offer a complimentary consult and sessions may be arranged via telephone, video skype and face to face in Baldwin and various locations throughout LI.  eileen@balanceandpower.com   516 623 4353

2. Corporate and agency “gigs” re SOAR! with Resilience(TM) (my program and manual as well as stand alone publication: read about & purchase here) re goal attainment , stress management, anger management and effective communication. Mind/body modalities EFT ,  guided meditation/relaxation.

3. Intros to Judges & matrimonial attorneys and mediators for mutual referrals as I’m a court certified anger management specialist-educator.

4.  Collaborative alliances and referrals

5.  Participants for small groups anger-stress management groups location, dates, times tba. More info at www.balanceandpower.com

6. Biz card advertisers for The Pek-u-lators full day event Sept 18 ($100- contact me eileen@balanceandpower.com) and a full house for the workshops. Details & registration: http://www.balanceandpower.com/events.php 

7. View Motivational Whisperers TV!

8. Sign up for Motivational Whisperers Mastermind Groups to launch and accomplish your dreams!!

9. Sign up for the Balance & Power Newsletter and receive a FREE guided relaxation download and Motivational Quotes!


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I agree with The Golden Globes that “The King’s Speech” is amazing, and extremely relevant today in the non-vocal, texting world we live in.  The film is alive with EFT affirmations and strategies to work with any fear of public speaking- which is the number one fear in the world today – more than fear of flying, terrorism or the state of the economy.  My  success with professionals in helping to boost their confidence and public persona with EFT Coaching uses the same principles applied in the film- with an advantage of greater acceleration in the time frame using EFT.    Find out more

EFT ( The Emotional Freedom Technique, meridian tapping), together with relaxation techniques and visualization greatly accelerates the process of getting to core issues that highly impact the problem or fear presented.
True to the film, anger of being suppressed or judged early on, when released and cleared, can empower the subject so that he can naturally and passionately express what is important and timely.


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See how easily you can learn to persevere, be patient and positive with peak performance success strategies including the amazing EFT Technique. A wonderful example of this is overcoming the fear of public speaking, the number one fear in this country. EFT reduces stress, builds confidence and enhances resilience!

You can view me discussing this with TJ Walker on his television set: http://balanceandpower.com/media.php

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When you are ready for action and a circumstance occurs so that you experience confusion or fear what do you do? Freeze..nothing probably, that’s human nature. Even though it may be the polarity of what you want to do when you are ready for action, this is prime time to take stock and do inner work in order to move past blocks and make fabulous, free feeling progress.

Writer’s block, for instance, is often a matter of too much distraction. Perhaps it’s about needing fresh ideas, or being “sure of yourself”, confident that what you write will resonate with your readers. Procrastination is always fear based. Before you can move forward, it’s important to know which kind(s) of fear you’re facing- that’s the intitial inner work- is it fear of failure, being judged, fear of success (yes, success can take you to new scary places..) or of being controlled.

Once you’ve gotten the “fear factor” figured out, sometimes with assistance of a coach, then it’s time to have a few guided EFT sessions. My facilitation of The EFT Technique has been 100% effective in my three years as an EFT-ADV practitioner combining the EFT Technique with Peak Performance Success Coaching. This includes fear of public speaking, which is the number one fear in our society. Immediately following a session using Gary Craig’s short EFT Technique form, I facilitate a deep guided relaxation-visualization session to reinforce the tapping, intuitive coach-like language and positive emotional transitions that have occurred.

Now that I’ve spiked your curiousity you can find out more about EFT and see me in action videos here: http://www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php


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First, in case u don’t know who T. Hsieh is- he’s the CEO of  zappos.com  ( yes, as in zappatos- shoes in Spanish- a mutimillionaire co.) that was recently bought by amazon.com.

I love this book!! I love it because I resonate with this ultra successful entrepreneur’s principles & core values- “WOW” them with excellent customer service and company culture –  and work-life balance.   So important!!  All of you who are corporate employees and employers most probably  know what this  means- and for those of us who give corporate professional development trainings to reach optimal productivity & success- we know what this means for sure.  If any of you reading this don’t know and are in business & dealing with people- read this book twice!!  I’ve highlighted and turned down corners on  so many pages…and I am thankful for inspirational business leaders  like Tony Hsieh who are wonderfully successful, personable,  realistic – down-to-earth, and terrific writers to boot!  I’m happy to know that I resonate with all the principles that Tony is so passionate about for entrepreneurs & leadership and share  his core values for http://www.balanceandpower.com

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