What is the one most important thing to create your best life?

Self-love is the one most important thing to create your best life.   When you’re kind, generous and  respectful  to yourself you radiate magnetic positive energy.  Whether you are seeking a wonderful partner, positive friends, solution to problem, success, more money you attract the answers when you possess self love.  Your relationships with others – even … More What is the one most important thing to create your best life?

LOA(Law of Attraction) Positive Phrasing

 LOA (Law of Attraction) needs visualizing positive outcome and positive phrasing and language for manifestation- and an action component as well.  I’ve been revisiting this aspect of positive phrasing and LOA, and am encouraging you to take this challenge and change your low energy phrases to high-energy phrases with your own words.  Here are some examples: … More LOA(Law of Attraction) Positive Phrasing

Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

 Horror stories, boats in houses, boardwalks in front yards, no power means no heat too; it’s cold in NY now.  I’m booting up in nearby town of Rockville Centre that has the business district hopping with electric.  A sense of community, repair, boredom, hopelessness and overwhelm for some.  Homelessness, shelters and evacuations are no fun. … More Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

Emphasize the Positive for Successful Relationships

Emphasizing the positive traits in ourselves and others encourages the continuing development of our skills, abilities, and attributes and a successful relationship! Positive reinforcement is usually much more effective and inspiring than trying to force improvements by dwelling on the negative, which do not work anyway. By consciously emphasizing the positive traits and abilities that … More Emphasize the Positive for Successful Relationships

A New Season! & There’s Still Time!

Hi Everyone!!A new season is upon us, including Jewish Holidays and  December Holidays in a blink.  Holidays are  double edged- wonderful and stressful for most peopleThere’s still time to make 2012 your best year yet!  You can accomplish all you set out to do, including the challenges below: Discover and release your full purpose and life potential! Identify … More A New Season! & There’s Still Time!

Create Happiness!

  Create an Attitude of Gratitude! Studies show that expressing gratitude increases positive emotion and decreases depression symptoms. It’s not possible to be grateful on a consistent basis and to feel depressed. Does this work for you?

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Be Peace

Today is the birthday of Mohatma Gandhi, India’s spiritual and political leader in the early 1900s. He helped India win independence from Great Britain through a policy of nonviolent civil disobedience, a policy imitated in the 1960s by Martin Luther King, Jr. Today I attended a community Anti-Bullying Rally and the Superintenent of Freeport (Long … More Be Peace