Ready for Change?

Change is happening at such an increased rate that it is difficult to predict what the future holds.  The “rules” are in constant flux and many of the old ways of planning out a life, or business, are no longer applicable. We often cling to them, the “old” comfort zones- and find they are no … More Ready for Change?

Can you be-stay more focused and fearless?

Yes and yes! Absolutely, especially if you’ve opened this, which means you’re motivated.  However, more than motivation is necessary to be successful.  Commitment is needed.. Groups are forming now in Baldwin, Long Island that will address these issues and more.  I’m also facilitating several local venues this week I coach individuals on the phone … More Can you be-stay more focused and fearless?

“SOAR! with Resilience” on Amazon!

Yay! After spending several hours (yes, I persevered!) on the website, and several calls to the help desk- you may find my spiral bound interactive book for overcoming obstacles and achieving success  formatted and illustrated by James Rutnam of and Now I’m working on uploading the digital-kindle version.  check it out: .  … More “SOAR! with Resilience” on Amazon!

Releasing & Letting Go: The Importance of Flexibility

  I’ve always been persistant and persevering and know these qualities have helped me follow through on projects and with  important relationships. However,  sometimes folks dont get that – or strongly disagree on issues in question (a dispute or arguement) – and call it being stubborn, inflexible, “not seeing the forest for the trees”, obsessive…The … More Releasing & Letting Go: The Importance of Flexibility

Transform Job Stress into Productivity & Happiness!

A new Australian study that found almost one in six cases of depression among working people caused by job stress, that nearly one in five (17 percent) working women suffering from depression attribute their condition to job stress and more than one in eight (13 percent) working men do the same. In the last decade, … More Transform Job Stress into Productivity & Happiness!

New Bottom Line!

Are you prepared to meet the “turnaround”: the coming in of our new economy, with all the additional and new demands it will place on your time and energy? Are the employees and leadership in your company ready to demonstrate and experience optimal: • Performance • Communication • Creativity • Stress Levels • Anger and … More New Bottom Line!