EFTtapping & MEDITATION Hour: Long Island July 19, 26 PM

 Build Confidence, Release Stress, Transform Procrastination, Overcome Fears, Anxiety, Phobias, Cravings PRE Register:     Eileen: 516 6223 4353   www.balanceandpower.com/eft.php    Weds. July 19, 26  7-8PM  Turn of the Corkscrew 110 N. Park Avenue Rockville Centre, NY (516) 764-6000 http://www.turnofthecorkscrew.com Clinical EFT is highly effective in reducing depressive symptoms in a variety of populations and … More EFTtapping & MEDITATION Hour: Long Island July 19, 26 PM

Perfectionism and Performance

Most successful people are less likely to be perfectionists as perfectionism impedes performance.  Facebook’s headquarters had “Done is better than perfect” painted on the wall. Imagine if Facebook had waited until it was “perfect” to launch. It probably wouldn’t be around today. Perfectionism is often born of extra demanding parents or former schoolteachers.  While perfectionism … More Perfectionism and Performance

Help for Stress/Time Challenges: 2 workshops this week in Long Island

Your Health Is Your Wealth For Your Business Taking care of your business but not taking care of your health is a recipe for disaster. Come to this workshop to learn how your health directly connects to the success and well-being of your business in achieving great outcomes. You’ll hear from three experts on ways … More Help for Stress/Time Challenges: 2 workshops this week in Long Island

I love the book “Motivating Happiness”- Tony Hsieh

First, in case u don’t know who T. Hsieh is- he’s the CEO of  zappos.com  ( yes, as in zappatos- shoes in Spanish- a mutimillionaire co.) that was recently bought by amazon.com. I love this book!! I love it because I resonate with this ultra successful entrepreneur’s principles & core values- “WOW” them with excellent … More I love the book “Motivating Happiness”- Tony Hsieh

Catapult Your Confidence: Be Fearless & Worry Free with EFT

EFT is like yoga for the emotions and the spirit. It involves gentle tapping on stress relief points of the body and it can provide relief from physical and emotional pain, and any trauma or beliefs that have been blocking your truth.  Do you feel the weight of all the ‘shoulds’ on your shoulders? Do … More Catapult Your Confidence: Be Fearless & Worry Free with EFT

“SOAR! with Resilience” on Amazon!

Yay! After spending several hours (yes, I persevered!) on the website, and several calls to the help desk- you may find my spiral bound interactive book for overcoming obstacles and achieving success  formatted and illustrated by James Rutnam of webtimegraphics.com and motivationalwhisperers.com. Now I’m working on uploading the digital-kindle version.  check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0615341810 .  … More “SOAR! with Resilience” on Amazon!

London Fun!

The front row of upper level of double decker bus is the best seating :).  Any seat at The Royal Albert Hall is fantastic- and the sound for Mark Knopfler & his band was super..great to hear the old faves “Sultan of Swing”, etc. and new music too. Pub lunch-supper (lupper?) by the Thames was … More London Fun!

New Bottom Line!

Are you prepared to meet the “turnaround”: the coming in of our new economy, with all the additional and new demands it will place on your time and energy? Are the employees and leadership in your company ready to demonstrate and experience optimal: • Performance • Communication • Creativity • Stress Levels • Anger and … More New Bottom Line!