Affirmations Help!

Affirmations can give you the strength and patience to overcome obstacles – perceived and/or real. Repeating a phrase like “This is only temporary” or “Everything has its purpose” might help you realize that whatever you experience, no matter how uncomfortable, has meaning(maybe yet unknown) and can be opportunities for growth. Affirmations are wonderful tools to … More Affirmations Help!

Are You a Good Role Model?

I’m talking to parents, older siblings, grandparents, teachers, business managers/ceo’s and politicians.   We are each leaders, even if (now) your domain is simply your home.  Do you curse? Smile enough?  Speak and act assertively? Listen actively? Demonstrate good time skills? Step away from devices on a regular basis? Mindful and considerate of others in household, office, neighbors? … More Are You a Good Role Model?


Acknowledge – believe – feel all of your inner and outer goodness; be grateful and live in your strength and power. Read more here: ABUNDANCE at Your Fingertips: EFTtapping for Stress Release and Success!!  

Pre-Vacation and Re-Entry Tips

This article on post vacation re-entry tips by Jamie Herzlich has me quoted in Newsday . Here’s the link to the entire article: ” Set up an automatic email email response to let people know you’ll be out of the office.” You may also enlist the services of a telephone answering service, which can help … More Pre-Vacation and Re-Entry Tips