Rewire Your Brain – and Your Child’s!

**Spend some time everyday in green spaces. Research shows 20 minutes in nature can lower stress hormones! Get the whole family outside with a walk, hike or bike ride. **Practicing Mindfulness for 2 weeks can rewire the way your brain reacts to stress. Studies have found that after doing mindfulness exercises like meditation and deep … More Rewire Your Brain – and Your Child’s!

The Resilience Factor

Resilience defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary © 1982: 1. “springing back into shape, position, etc. after being stretched, bent or compressed.” 2. “recovering strength, spirits, etc. quickly.” Being resilient in body, mind and spirit is key to being happy and successful in all areas of life. Emotionally, it’s the opposite of being “stuck in … More The Resilience Factor

Are You a Good Role Model?

I’m talking to parents, older siblings, grandparents, teachers, business managers/ceo’s and politicians.   We are each leaders, even if (now) your domain is simply your home.  Do you curse? Smile enough?  Speak and act assertively? Listen actively? Demonstrate good time skills? Step away from devices on a regular basis? Mindful and considerate of others in household, office, neighbors? … More Are You a Good Role Model?

A Formula for Success

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. EFT-ADV Certified Practitioner, Anger Management Specialist-1 Cert Balance & Power Expert Share Tweet Share Forward Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter A Formula for Success I’ve been especially introspective and contemplative with my undertaking Jack Canfield’s fully revised and updated “The Success Principles” having coincided with Rosh Hashonah and Yom Kippur … More A Formula for Success

Bullying Prevention and Strategies for Conflict Resolution/Intervention Group Trainings and 1:1

Bullying rates remain higher for children with disabilities, even as they mature.   Studies point out the necessity for special education programs to teach appropriate response skills to children with disabilities.  I facilitate workshops and trainings for children, families, educators and parents with this topic as well as bullying prevention and anger management Training Programs … More Bullying Prevention and Strategies for Conflict Resolution/Intervention Group Trainings and 1:1