Do you want to up your productivity, creativity and confidence?

Vacations are wonderful. No matter when or where- I am a big fan of time away with faith that it is the right time-place-people that you have arranged it with.  It is extra wonderful when you make a pact of no phones- and no or occassional computer.  Really!  Some adjustments  and maybe some extra down time- … More Do you want to up your productivity, creativity and confidence?

Fun in Madrid

No more jetlag.  I’m on time with yummy comidas, siestas, fiestas – this weekend is Madrid’s Saints Day with fun celebrations and traditional costumes/dances. Galician lunch today and viewed a Queimada brewing ceremony- we didn’t partake as we were going back to Museo Thyssen…and of course my wonderful daughter Ariel and friends.  Ciao!

Why I Love May

  I love May-  and am especially happy/grateful this year! cinco de Mayo: a big celebration & it’s my birthday! Mother’s Day  busy facilitating terrific workshops & trainings in the NY area advance registration it’s gorgeous with all the blooms the weather is perfect in New York almost everyone is in a good mood in … More Why I Love May

A Heartwarming Song

My daughter Ariel and her boyfriend Xabi, living in Madrid  are extremely talented musically: she sings and he plays several instruments and sings.  They each have fab “dayjobs” too~ Recently she & Xabi recorded a song to be part of a wedding gift to a friend- Xabi wrote the music to another friend’s lyrics and … More A Heartwarming Song

SYNERGY!(c) Eileen Lichtenstein 2010

SYNCHRONICITY-SERENDIPITY-SYNERGY are wonderfully timed scenarios-circumstances; it’s fabulous that the English language provides us with these feel-good words… Lately, my career/collaborations as well as family events and relationships are feeling that way/all good! My current involvement with The R.E.D. Team: Recharge-Empower-Develop You and Your Family (for additional insight view is a perfect example:  as I … More SYNERGY!(c) Eileen Lichtenstein 2010