“Hope Springs” is an important relationship movie, not a “chick flick”.  That’s this gal’s opinion…  The actors take their time through the first half and we get it- the marriage isn’t working and hasn’t worked in many years.  Meryl Streep’s  role is very different from any   I’ve seen her in  previously and she does this … More Relationships…

The Happiness Connection

What lifts your spirits?  What connects you to your inner child?  How does your mind-body feel balanced and connected to God/Higher Being?  What is your happiness connection? Yes, peace, love and happiness are connected.  Feeling  inner peace  leads to sharing love, extending positive energy and connecting. Yes, that’s what we all need now… Here are … More The Happiness Connection

Basic Human Rights: Success & Happiness

 Basic Human Rights: Success and Happiness A  sector of the population prevents others from achieving these basic human rights, and it seems to be growing.  I’m not talking about governments now, but individuals- “bullies”- and as children/youth bullies grow up to become adult bullies, often criminal in nature.   No matter what age, there are several … More Basic Human Rights: Success & Happiness

Suicide Prevention for Bullying Victims

This is Suicide Prevention and the building up of broken lives.  It’s about stress reduction, anger management, self esteem, confidence, focus and clarityThe “bullied” population is very fragile and/or very angry.  I can  help with the support of our friends- thanks so  much to all who attended the fundraiser dinner last night!I’ll be co-facilitating support … More Suicide Prevention for Bullying Victims

Overcome Overwhelm! and Transform Fear of Public Speaking

Hi Everyone!!Do you know that EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a magical modality that can transform almost anything?! I’ve only had spectacular results for myself and client challenges, integrating it into my work with individuals and groups. Here is my introductory video for this brilliant modality: and you may find out more on my … More Overcome Overwhelm! and Transform Fear of Public Speaking

Bonus Offer! Blogs

Dear business networking friends, colleagues and clientele – Your bonuses: 1) A free 30-minute consultation with me where we can go over your challenges and more. 2)  $125 off 6 one hour sessions (one hour each once a week): a $625 value.  Now $500 for new clients.  Gift Cerificates, too. You are being offered intensive coaching … More Bonus Offer! Blogs

Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity: Daily OM E-Course by Eileen Lichtenstein

      Discussions User Interests User Location User Name User Email    Courses : Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity by Eileen Lichtenstein Already enrolled? Click here to login 6 Week Course (1 lesson per week) How much do you want to pay?  $100.00 $40.00 $25.00 $10.00 $5.00 $1.00  (This is the total amount for all 6 lessons) Are you ready for your … More Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity: Daily OM E-Course by Eileen Lichtenstein


Happy Holidays!! Three last minute gift ideas and time managements tips: Peak Performance Success Life Coaching and Career Coaching Gift Certificates A great gift for anyone on your list! A one hour phone or Skype session, in person in Westbury, Long Island or on your site. Life balance challenges resonate with everyone. Most of us … More FOUR HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS and TIME Management Tips

Reduce Stress, Create Dreams and Heal Your Life Physically & Emotionally

Perk-u-lators Event: How to Thrive Amidst Chaos “Reduce Stress, Create Dreams And Heal Your Life Both Physically And Emotionally” “LET THE PERK-U-LATORS PERK U UP!” When: Sunday September 18, 2011 Time: 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM Location: Holiday Inn Westbury 369 Old Country Road Carle Place, NY 11514 Lower Level Holiday Inn 516 997 5000 Cost: $100.00 Event Registration … More Reduce Stress, Create Dreams and Heal Your Life Physically & Emotionally

4 Myths About Anger

 Myth #1: Anger is inheritedResearch has indicated that people are not born with set, specific ways of expressing anger.  These studies show that because the expression of anger is learned behavior, more appropriate ways of expressing anger can be learned. Myth #2:  Anger Automatically Leads to Aggression It is a misconception that athe only way … More 4 Myths About Anger