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Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

 Horror stories, boats in houses, boardwalks in front yards, no power means no heat too; it’s cold in NY now.  I’m booting up in nearby town of Rockville Centre that has the business district hopping with electric.  A sense of community, repair, boredom, hopelessness and overwhelm for some.  Homelessness, shelters and evacuations are no fun. … More Gratefulness to Overcome Overwhelm Post Sandy

Create Optimal Happiness & Productivity: Daily OM E-Course by Eileen Lichtenstein

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Launch and Reach Business Goals: Ask for what you need!

I sponsored a wonderfully facilitated an “Empowered Speed Networking” event with Lucy Rosen, Public Speaker, Author, Business Networking Expert … and Donna Cariello of The LI Way, CEO of and got a lot of “takeaways” : including a reminder to be specific about what you need.  We were asked to state 3 business “needs”/ … More Launch and Reach Business Goals: Ask for what you need!

SYNERGY!(c) Eileen Lichtenstein 2010

SYNCHRONICITY-SERENDIPITY-SYNERGY are wonderfully timed scenarios-circumstances; it’s fabulous that the English language provides us with these feel-good words… Lately, my career/collaborations as well as family events and relationships are feeling that way/all good! My current involvement with The R.E.D. Team: Recharge-Empower-Develop You and Your Family (for additional insight view is a perfect example:  as I … More SYNERGY!(c) Eileen Lichtenstein 2010

Keep it Simple ©2009 Eileen Lichtenstein,

“Reduce Holiday Stress” is a favorite topic this time of year in my workshop venues. I’ve come to the personal-professional conclusion that what all participants relate to for an easier season is keeping things simple. I’m an advocate of this philosophy year round- and I think we all go through phases and times where the … More Keep it Simple ©2009 Eileen Lichtenstein,