Want better Business Connections, Conversations and Collaborations? 

Peers On Demand Group for C-Level Executives Want better Business Connections, Conversations and Collaborations? Get results from an online Peer Group led by Rocky Romero and Eileen Lichtenstein, Peak Performance Success Life and Career Coach: Leadership & C-Level Executive Coaching When: Wednesday January 16th 5pm EST Discover how a peer advisory group assists you in making better business decisions: Guidance from experienced … More Want better Business Connections, Conversations and Collaborations? 

Mindfulness in strategic thinking, leadership, and company culture.

Research provides evidence that mindfulness practice can transform our lives as individuals, impacting us both personally and professionally. The benefits of mindfulness practice can include: Improved stress management skills Improved cognitive function Increased creativity Improved decision-making Increased focus Improved health Improved wellbeing and life satisfaction Increased resilience And more. Become a more mindful leader, through … More Mindfulness in strategic thinking, leadership, and company culture.

“Act as if”

When you “act as if,” you send powerful commands to your subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve your goals–it instantly programs the reticular activating system (RAS) in your brain to start noticing anything that’ll help you succeed… And it sends strong messages to the universe that this end goal is something you really … More “Act as if”

I’m quoted Newsday biz section re: meetings

Eileen in Long Island Newsday | August 5, 2018           “CEOs spend 72% of their time in meetings; only 3% with customers: study” From newsday.com by JAMIE HERZLICH “A recent study found that CEOs at large companies spend about 72 percent of their time in meetings. Poorly planned, overly long meetings with … More I’m quoted Newsday biz section re: meetings

Navigating Choice: What’s Next?

Does your mind keep going over the same choices without resolution?  Perhaps you’ve not analyzed pros and cons; perhaps you’ve over analyzed. Perhaps you’re procrastinating – always based on fear (of failure, of being judged, of success, of being controlled). Perhaps you’re in perfectionism mode and stuck. Perhaps you need to figure out where-what your strengths … More Navigating Choice: What’s Next?

Encounter Obstacles and Be Unstoppable!

You will encounter obstacles when you want to achieve greater success, and you can be unstoppable!Getting laid off, losing a key contract to a competitor, receiving a rejection letter, facing a serious illness, losing your home in a natural disaster, experiencing the heartache of having a romantic relationship end are just a tiny handful of the … More Encounter Obstacles and Be Unstoppable!

I love the book “Motivating Happiness”- Tony Hsieh

First, in case u don’t know who T. Hsieh is- he’s the CEO of  zappos.com  ( yes, as in zappatos- shoes in Spanish- a mutimillionaire co.) that was recently bought by amazon.com. I love this book!! I love it because I resonate with this ultra successful entrepreneur’s principles & core values- “WOW” them with excellent … More I love the book “Motivating Happiness”- Tony Hsieh

“SOAR! with Resilience” on Amazon!

Yay! After spending several hours (yes, I persevered!) on the website, and several calls to the help desk- you may find my spiral bound interactive book for overcoming obstacles and achieving success  formatted and illustrated by James Rutnam of webtimegraphics.com and motivationalwhisperers.com. Now I’m working on uploading the digital-kindle version. check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0615341810 .  … More “SOAR! with Resilience” on Amazon!

New Bottom Line!

Are you prepared to meet the “turnaround”: the coming in of our new economy, with all the additional and new demands it will place on your time and energy? Are the employees and leadership in your company ready to demonstrate and experience optimal: • Performance • Communication • Creativity • Stress Levels • Anger and … More New Bottom Line!